Wikidata is a collaboratively edited multilingual knowledge graph hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.It is a common source of open data that Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, and anyone else, can use under the CC0 public domain license. Wikidata is a wiki powered by the software MediaWiki, and is also powered by the set of knowledge graph MediaWiki extensions known as Wikibas Wikidata jsou podpůrný sesterský projekt nadace Wikimedia, který má za cíl sdružovat volně dostupná data, využívaná jinými projekty.Článku Wikipedie je přiřazena položka databáze Wikidat, která obsahuje informace k tématu daného článku. K nejčastěji využívaným patří seznam článků na stejné téma v různých jazykových verzích Wikipedie, zobrazovaný jako. Wikidata contains data from many sources other than Wikipedia, and whilst many Wikidata items were originally generated from Wikipedia pages, Wikidata have re-labelled many of the disambigution-named Wikipedia articles to be more like a database. Wikidata items point to multiple language Wikipedia articles, which may be rather different čeština: ·internetový projekt, který obsahuje data použitelná pro všechny projekty Wikimedia··projekt angličtina: Wikidata esperanto: Vikidatumoj slovenština: Wikiúdaj Wikidata:Toolsから、ウィキデータの閲覧・編集や検索に有用なツールやガジェットを見つけられます。 刺激的なプロジェクトや研究がウィキデータを使って行われているのを知ってますか

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Every Wikipedia article (and many other pages, such as templates) should have an ID on our sister project, Wikidata. The ID is a series of digits prefixed Q. This page is a simple guide to finding that ID. In the desktop view of Wikipedia, in the default skin and most others, the left-hand panel has a Wikidata item link, under tools Wikidata ist eine frei bearbeitbare Wissensdatenbank, die unter anderem das Ziel hat, Wikipedia zu unterstützen. Das Projekt wurde von Wikimedia Deutschland gestartet und stellt als gemeinsame Quelle bestimmte Datentypen für Wikimedia-Projekte bereit, zum Beispiel Geburtsdaten oder sonstige allgemeingültige Daten, die in allen Artikeln der Wikimedia-Projekte verwendet werden können Wikidata est une base de connaissances libre éditée de manière collaborative et hébergée par la Wikimedia Foundation.Son contenu étant placé sous licence CC0 [1], elle permet de centraliser les données utilisées par différents projets Wikimedia [2].Cette base est destinée à fournir une source commune de données objectives, telles que les dates de naissance ou bien le PIB des pays.

Wikidata è una base di conoscenza online collaborativa, sostenuta e ospitata dalla Wikimedia Foundation, con lo scopo di fornire un archivio comune di supporto agli altri progetti di Wikimedia, consultabile e modificabile sia da utenti umani che da bot.. È affine a Wikimedia Commons nel modello di fruizione, poiché fornisce dati a tutti i progetti e consente loro un accesso centralizzato. ウィキデータ(英: Wikidata )はウィキメディア財団が提供する共同編集型のデータベース(知識基盤)である。 パブリックドメイン・ライセンスの下で、誰もが使用できるオープンデータを提供することを目的としている 。 ウィキメディア・コモンズがメディアファイルの格納場所を提供して. #Returns a list of Wikidata items for a given list of Wikipedia article names #List of Wikipedia article names (lemma) is like WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE NAME@LANGUAGE CODE with de for German, en for English, etc. #Language version and project is defined in schema:isPartOF with de.wikipedia.org for German Wikipedia, es.wikivoyage for Spanish. Šablona:Wikidata. Zobrazí odkaz na zadaný článek, a v případě, že tento článek neexistuje, za něj přidá odkaz na seznam článků v jiných jazycích na Wikidatech. Nepoužívejte v hlavním jmenném prostoru. Používání šablony v hlavním jmenném prostoru by mělo být podloženo konsensem komunity

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Files for Wikidata, version 0.7.0; Filename, size File type Python version Upload date Hashes; Filename, size Wikidata-.7.-py3-none-any.whl (29.3 kB) File type Wheel Python version 3.7 Upload date Jul 30, 2020 Hashes Vie Wikidata is a separate project, and a sister project of Wikipedia, which is freely editable in a similar fashion to OSM and Wikipedia. If an item does not exist in Wikidata itself, you can create it; but please read Wikidata's notability guidelines first. Display EasyRdf Lite is a customized version of EasyRdf, created for Wikidata, now obsolete and replaced with Purtle PHP 6 3 0 0 Updated Apr 7, 2019 primarysource

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  1. Commons:Wikidata. Wikidata is a Wikimedia project to create an open and collaborative database. It is for data what Wikimedia Commons is for media files: it centralizes access and management of structured data, such as interwiki references and statistical information. Wikidata contains data in all languages for which there are Wikimedia projects
  2. The Wikibase API allows querying, adding, removing and editing information on Wikidata or any other Wikibase instance. It is provided via a set of extensions to MediaWiki API modules. So, to use the Wikibase API, you should have a basic familiarity with the MediaWiki Action API : actions, queries, etc., as well as with generic parameters such.
  3. Presented by Denny Vrandecic, founder of Wikidata.http://sps.columbia.edu/executive-education/knowledge-graph-conference/faculty/denny-vrandecic-googleWikida..

Wikidata, launched in 2012 by the Wikimedia Foundation as the machine-readable store for all Wikimedia Foundation projects, is a freely available hosted platform that anyone-including libraries-can use to create, publish, and use LOD. Powered by Blazegraph, the platform offers a triplestore and high-availability SPARQL endpoint that (as of. Wikidata is a community-maintained knowledge base that has been assembled from repositories in the fields of genomics, proteomics, genetic variants, pathways, chemical compounds, and diseases, and that adheres to the FAIR principles of findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability Wikidata Toolkit. The Wikidata Toolkit is an open-source Java library for using data from Wikidata and other Wikibase sites. Its main goal is to make it easy for external developers to take advantage of this data in their own applications. The project started in early 2014, supported by an Individual Engagement Grant of the Wikimedia Foundation

O Wikidata é um projeto que visa fornecer uma base de dados editada colaborativamente para oferecer suporte para projetos tais como a Wikipédia.O Wikidata foi lançado em 30 de outubro de 2012. [1] [2] O projeto foi iniciado pela Wikimedia Deutschland e pretender fornecer uma origem comum de certos tipos de dados, como por exemplo, datas de nascimento, uma classe de dados validados, que.

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