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The Best OBS Settings for Recording General settings. In the OBS Setting window, you will see the General settings first. However, there is not much for you... Output Settings. In the Output tab, you can choose between Simple and Advanced for the Output Mode. First, the Simple... Audio Settings. The. Top 4 Best OBS Studio Settings for Audio and Video 1. Simple Output Mode. To change the encoding settings, you will have to open the Output settings. By default, the... 2. Advanced Output Mode. If you opt to select the Advanced output mode, you'll get access to more options for the best... 3.. I take a deep dive into OBS and explain... The absolute Best OBS Recording Settings guide out there to achieve 1080p 60fps pro level quality on your recordings A-B-C steps: Pick a proper recording mode -> Use the best recording settings by default or check to re-define them to what you want -> Click REC to start the recording, during which you can annotate it with a drawing tool -> Stop it. Ending. That's all about best OBS settings for recording and how its alternative - RecMaster works

On the other, given that there are 7 sections on OBS's Settings window and dozens of professional terms along with countless values awaiting your decision, quite a few OBS users have no idea how to set up a series of best settings for OBS recording. General, Stream, Output, Audio, Video, Hotkeys, and Advanced, the 7 sections of OBS Settings are not. For many users, the best settings for OBS recording are: Video file format: MP4; Audio track: 1; Encoder: x264; Bitrate: 40,000 (or 15,000-25,000 if you're working with a lower-end computer Best OBS Settings for Streaming on Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube With all of the streaming programs out there, it's to no one's surprise that OBS Studio is the go-to choice for most streamers. With a simple interface and tons of features, OBS studio has become the staple for stable streams on virtually all platforms

Bitrate is the most important OBS Settings for low-end Pc. Since we are recording that means we can go higher bitrate as possible. Normally 1080p 60FPS recording I use 8000 kbps. OBS settings for streamin Output Settings - Best encoding settings for OBS. Following settings are my personal Best encoding settings for OBS Studio Software Recording: • Type: Standard (Step 4) • Recording path: Your preferred location (Step 5) • Recording Format: by default it is FLV but i chose MP4, due to the Video editing programs accepting it directly.(Step 6) • Audio Track: Tracks 2 and 3 Best OBS Settings for Recording Videos. When setting up OBS recording settings, go into Settings>Output and update Output Mode to Advanced. From there, go into the recording tab. It will bring up a list of options. First of all, make sure type is set to standard and select a recording path For 1080P 60 fps, the best OBS settings to use for recording a YouTube video are to use the CQP Rate Control Method and put the I-frame, P-frame as low as you can without causing it to devour your disk space OBS Studio Low End PC Settings Settings - Video Best Video Setting For OBS Studio for Streaming. We want to first adjust the Base Canvas Resolution. To get the best performance out of your stream you will want to set this to 1280 x 720. Your stream may not look as crisp as a 1080p stream however it will use less resources on your computer

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For those that are a bit more technically savvy, today we are going to discuss some of the settings you can adjust within Streamlabs OBS to help ensure optimal quality. Settings. Having settings that are too high for your computer's hardware can cause performance issues for your live stream. To adjust these settings, open Streamlabs OBS and click on the settings cog in the lower left-hand corner. Choose an Encoder. To change your encoder, navigate to Output in the settings window Generally speaking the most important configuration options are under the 'Output' tab under 'Settings'. In this tab you can configure the majority of both video and audio options. First we'll want to enter the 'Advanced' mode, as this gives us the ability to more tightly tune our OBS settings

The OBS settings are separated into different menus which can be switched between using the left panel. When streaming, there are multiple settings that you will need to change to have your stream run smoothly. All of the OBS settings can be found by clicking the Settings button in the Controls panel. Best Stream Settings for Twitc When you open OBS, click on Settings. Then click on output and output mode MUST be on advanced. After that click on the Recording tab. Type: Standard Recording Path: <Personal Preferance> Generate file name without space: off Recording Format: MP4 Audio Track: 1 Encoder: Quicksnyc H.264 Rescale output: off Custom Muxer Settings: <nothing> Right-click on OBS Studio and select Run as administrator. Once in elevated OBS, click on the Settings button present at the bottom-right side of the screen. Launching OBS Settings General Settings. There aren't many options that you can change in the General settings of OBS. You can change the theme of your application (either light or dark) 2018 Best OBS Streaming Settings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alw_Op4hyw0 How To GROW A TWITCH Channel From SCRATCH: https://youtu.be/mTNL575Qsb8.. Stream Settings. The process of OBS setup for streaming can be divided into two main stages: Getting and entering of your credentials for streaming service (URL and Stream key) Setup of video and audio options which are meet the recommendations of your streaming platform (eg. Twitch, YouTube, etc.) Encoders and Quality Presets Recommended encoders

When talking about the best stream settings for Streamlabs OBS, you first of all need to configure your video settings in the Video tab. The reason for this is that based on the resolution and the FPS you select for your stream, your actual streaming settings (in the Output tab) will change If you set it to be smaller OBS will downscale your capture on the fly, allowing you to capture a full HD 1080p (1920 pixels by 1080 pixels) screen and output it to 720p (1280x720), for example. If you do choose to downscale you'll need to be careful of which downscale filter you use. For recorded video production it's best to choose Lanzos, as. Best OBS Settings for Recording. Using OBS for recording is much more simple than live streaming. The settings are slightly less in-depth but still takes a little learning. In the 'Output' tab in your settings, you will find the options for recording. There, choose your recording path (where to save the file), recording format, and. Now, let's get into the video settings you should adjust to get the best quality picture. Navigate to the video settings by clicking on the settings cog in the lower left-hand corner of Streamlabs OBS and clicking on video In this OBS manual settings guide, I'm going to teach you how to maximize your webcam's quality for free using OBS. I'll cover the only three settings you need and how to tweak them to get the best image possible. If you don't already have Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio), here's their official website

Best Recording Video Output Settings for OBS (2021) Recording videos and gameplay is a lot more common these days than ever before. Technology has gotten to the point where nearly anyone with a decent computer and record some quality footage and upload it to streaming or video sharing platforms like YouTube and Twitch Best Bitrate for 720p. The best bitrate for 720p streaming is 4500 Kbps for 60fps and 3000kbps for 30fps. How to Use Adaptive Bitrate Encoding. Adaptive bitrate encoding is available in Streamlabs OBS for Twitch streamers. This setting allows us to dynamically control the bitrate settings depending on your internet connection Enable Advanced Encoder Settings: Unchecked. We collaborated with OBS to fine-tune these settings, so it just works! Encoder Preset: Quality. This is already the default option. Note that it is only visible if you check Encode Advanced Encoder Settings. Recording: Recording Path: This is the directory where the videos will be saved. Make sure the hard drive you select has enough space

The Best Streaming Settings for OBS (2021) Creator Guides; Streaming is a ton of fun, but it can take some work to get right. This is especially true when you are getting your settings correct. Getting the right video and audio settings can mean the difference of a stream that is inviting and high-quality, or a stream that looks like its ran. The best settings for both people are going to be radically different. In the words of fellow support volunteer and OBS expert Matt, otherwise known as WizardCM, If there really were 'best settings', don't you think OBS would come with them? Matt is of course correct Best OBS Settings for Low-end PC. OBS is an open-source streaming project from this you can do live streaming without any other heavy studio or something else. on top of OBS lot of companies making their streaming solutions like Streamlabs and their competitor StreamElements give you an easy interface and a lot of new features that are missing in OBS

Setting the Best Settings For Streaming in OBS. OBS is one of the most popular streaming software globally, thanks to its powerful settings and smooth transitions. However, OBS is a software made for experienced streamers as it requires knowledge of the settings. To change your OBS settings, you just need to open the software and go to settings Re: Best settings OBS. do you want to stream or record local? what game? have in mind that AMD AMF Encoder has an impact on bandwidth and gpu-load - you should at least use FRTC with 10fps lower than normal average framerate; and/or lower ingame settings. 1080p60 is possible and needs 25-35mbit/s bitrate to look good To set up a green screen in OBS, you will need to complete the following instructions: Step 1. Install and open OBS. From your main screen, press the Plus icon located underneath the sources box. Step 2. Select Video Capture Device from the available options. Name is whatever you would like to keep track of your sources Open OBS. Go to the Settings Menu > Stream. From the Service dropdown, click Show all and choose Castr.io. Choose the Server Location that is the closest to you. Paste your stream key and click OK. Close the Settings page, click Start streaming and you are good to go live Part 1: The Best OBS Settings for Recording Gameplay Video. In order to record gameplay videos with OBS screen recorder, you can go to the Controls menu in the left corner and select the Settings option. When you want to get the best video quality, you should turn off the other unrelated programs within your computer.. The Best OBS Recording Settings for Recording Vide

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  1. Best OBS Video Output Settings. Having best output settings means having the ultimate quality of video. So, choose the fields carefully. By default, the sections are not set to an advanced mode, and so it looks like this: We want the settings to be at an advanced level so choose the Output section that is third one in the Settings menu
  2. imum settings in OBS needed to record high-quality gameplay 1080p60 videos for uploading to YouTube - it takes less than 5
  3. To get started, open OBS then click Settings, then Output, and change the Output Mode dropdown menu from Simple to Advanced — this will allow you to manually select your Rate Control.The Encoder you choose will impact which Rate Controls are available to you, such as ABR which can only be used when x264 is your Encoder. As a general rule, if you have an Nvidia graphics card you can (and.
  4. BEST OBS Mic Settings - For ANY Mic (OBS Filters: Noise Suppression, Compressor, Noise Gate) Guide. Want to know how to get the best settings out of any mic using the free built-in OBS filters. I will show you how to layer your filters on your mic audio input source for best sounding voice settings for your Twitch or YouTube live streams, all.

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Good CPU, okay-ish upload. 1080p60 not doable with a good visual quality with that upload though. -OBS settings. -Output. -Output mode: Advanced. -Encoder: x264. -uncheck enforce streaming service encoder settings for now. -Do NOT check rescale output. -Rate Control: CBR. -Bitrate: 3500 should be a good balance Output. In your software settings, go to Output settings and then to the Streaming tab. Encoder. If you are using a computer with an Nvidia graphics card, you may have access to the NVENC encoder, an Nvidia protocol that allows you to transfer much of the work of OBS to your graphics card rather than the CPU

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In this article I'm going to take you through the best settings to get the most out of a low end PC. We're going to go through step by step each settings page in Streamlabs OBS so you can follow along easily. Streamlabs OBS Low End PC Settings Settings - Video. The first thing we want to adjust is our Base Canvas resolution. To maximise. This covers my OBS settings. It can be difficult finding the optimal OBS settings, but these have been solid for me and my setup. I'd suggest playing around with different settings until you find the best for your setup. I hope this OBS setup tutorial guides you to the perfect stream quality you desire Best Advanced Settings: The advanced menu of OBS Studio contains settings for process priority, rendering, color format, color space, audio monitoring devices, and more. Leave the process priority at above normal and the renderer on Direct3D 11. Code format should be set to NV12, YUV color space to 709, and YUV color range to FULL for the best. A lot of the settings that are covered below have moved around in recent OBS releases and I'd really hate to point you towards an option that you don't have. Use the Help tab in the OBS taskbar to Check for Updates. If you're good to go, then so am I! In the bottom toolbar of OBS, you should have a window called your Mixer

Best OBS Video Output Settings. The best output settings are necessary for the ultimate quality of the video. So go to its advanced section and find the best setting adjustment. The first option is Output mode that you need to select it as Advanced from the dropdown list. Once you have done that, you will find three tabs as Streaming, Recording. Final OBS settings to change on the following screen are in the Two-Pass Encoding. Set GPU to 0 and B-frames set to 2. Best audio settings for OBS recording. Now that you are done with video settings, its time to make changes in audio settings in the Output menu. Navigate to the audio tab and set the Audio Bitrate to 320 in Track 1 Best OBS Settings for Video Recordings. When you're streaming, you have to find a balance between quality and upload speed. When you're recording a video, your primary focus is to get the best possible quality for your footage. Best Streamlabs OBS Settings for Recording Best Recording Video Output Settings for OBS (2021) Kurt Wieder. Mar 16, 2021. Streaming. Recording videos and gameplay is a lot more common these days than ever before. Technology has gotten to the point where nearly anyone with a decent computer and record some quality footage and upload it to streaming or video sharing platforms like YouTube. Best OBS Recording Settings. To record the best gameplay video that you can use OBS, you need to be aware of the program's various settings and how they work. We will take a look at some of the settings individually in a minute. But the following simple steps should show you how to get to the settings

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Re: Best OBS Record Settings For AMD RX480???? is my recommendation for 720p60 or 864p48 on twitch.tv. PC: R7 2700X @4.1GHz + RX 580 4G (1500MHz/2000MHz CL16) + 32G DDR4-3200CL14 + 144hz 1ms FS P + 75hz 1ms FS. Laptop: R5 2500U @30W + RX 560X (1400MHz/1500MHz) + 16G DDR4-2400CL16 + 120Hz 3ms FS Unlike XSplit, OBS doesn't have a built-in bandwidth checker, so you'll have to do some playing around to get the best settings for you. Here's how to adjust the settings in OBS

Recommended OBS Settings - Advanced Settings. This gives you access to all settings. Encoder: Select NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new). Force Streaming Service Encoder Settings: Leave this checked - This will ensure that if you accidentally enter an incorrect value, it will be corrected Well, once again we are talking about the BEST OBS settings for Twitch streamers. If you are an FPS shooter streamer this might be a big change for you. Most FPS games are played on 144Hz monitors nowadays, so to make sure the viewers that do have that option can experience a more fluid stream you can stream at 120 FPS for them Streamlabs OBS Settings. Having settings that are too high for your computer's hardware can cause performance issues for your live stream. To adjust these settings, open Streamlabs OBS and click on the settings cog in the lower left-hand corner. Choose an Encoder. To change your encoder, navigate to Output in the settings window

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Finding Your Best OBS Studio Settings. With OBS Studio open let's hit the Settings button. The first thing we're going to look at is the general tab. Here, we can choose our default language as well as pick a light or dark theme. I personally prefer the dark theme, but choose what you like. Next, the s how confirmation dialog check boxes. Recording in OBS Studio — The best settings. Marvin Wendt. Feb 18, 2020 · 3 min read. If you plan on recording your screen with OBS Studio, and you're wondering what settings you should use, then this is for you! Video recording settings. The settings shown here are optimal for YouTube uploads Getting your stream to a good enough quality so that it has the production value that looks and feels professional is dependent on a number of factors. Things such as bitrate, hardware, software, and OBS settings are just a few that will impact your final results. In order to improv

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The Best Webcam Settings For OBS Studio & How To Add And Crop The Webcam Video Feed. Feb 27. Written By Thomas Schneider Follow the instructions below. OBS Video Capture Device. Select to add a Video Capture Device as a new source in OBS, you can name it whatever you want Hello, dear readers of techpages.net. Today we will consider the initial setup of OBS and discuss how to improve stream quality obs. I will try to tell you as quickly as possible and informatively about important points, choose the optimal settings for different computers for each encoder: NVENC, x264, Quick Sync, and AVC Encoder for AMD video cards This article will attempt to demystify OBS settings for affiliate Twitch streamers. OUTPUT and VIDEO in OBS settings is the focus of this article. Everyone's setup is different, so learning what these settings do and how to configure them will yield the best results, hopefully. This article is for new and affiliate Twitch streamers Question Best Settings for OBS. Thread starter yt.sushant; Start date May 31, 2019; Sidebar. Forums. Laptops. Laptop Tech Support. Previous Next Sort by votes. yt.sushant. May 31, 2019 5 0 10 0. May 31, 2019 #1 I want to record Gameplay of Modern Combat 5 on my Laptop with a few more apps running.. The default encoder preset is very fast which offers the best balance in most cases. The presets indicate the running speed of the encoder. If you set a faster preset, less CPU sources will be uses and thus reduce the video quality. So, you can set a faster preset to fix OBS encoding overloaded issue. Step 1: Open OBS and go to its Settings

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TLDR: Looking for good settings that put little to no strain on my GPU, specs and some other info below Hello, I have an asus vivobook (idk exact model) and I want to record on OBS but I have some problems: I usually get 160-230 FPS not recording Lunar says I get 110ish while recording 60 Hz.. OBS - Basic Recommend Settings for New Streamers August 13, 2019 August 15, 2019 by aramyth , posted in Bitrate , CPU Encoder , FTL , Mixer , OBS , Open Broadcast Software (OBS) , Settings These are some simple basic, and recommended, settings which I generated while working at Mixer for new streamers

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The post The best OBS Settings for Twitch Streaming appeared first on Gamepur. Continue Reading Show full articles without Continue Reading button for {0} hours 3. Select 'Color Correction'. Click the '+' icon located under the 'Effects Filters' section. Select the 'Color Correction' option. Label it something descriptive. 4. Edit the color correction values. When it comes to color correcting you first need to decide exactly what you want to do. For example, you could make skin tones look. My lag free OBS Twitch Settings. Open Settings and navigate to Video. First, choose Output Mode on Top and set it to Advanced. Then Select the Streaming Tab. Set everything as in the screenshot below. Now I have a 50MB Down/10MB up Internet Connection and Bitrate 3500 works fine for me

Advanced Settings. Once done try a game and you should see the preview window showing what it will capture. To reduce CPU usage the preview can also be disabled. Leaving you with this window. Now you should have a working OBS set up but please note sometimes you need to run OBS in Administrator mode for it to actually function correctly OBS Stream Effects Plugin. StreamFX is an absolutely fun plugin for your stream that adds new sources, transitions, and your own personally customized shaders. This will allow you to greatly improve how your stream looks and feels beyond what the default OBS Studio can offer! OBS Soundcloud Plugin/OBS Spotify Plugin My encoding settings are: x264, quality balace 10, max bitrate - 25000, and I set the recording FPS to 30 on game capture Please to anyone using OBS as their main driver, tell me how to set the right settings and not get TOO massive FPS drops. I don't expect to run flawlessly but at least a constant framerate rather this dropping crap all the time Ideally, the best thing to do is experiment with the video that is intended to be live-streamed/broadcast and consequently, the lowest bitrate that can provide good quality output should be chosen to deliver the best settings for your broadcast. Setting up OBS Studio. Start off by opening OBS Studio, and then go to Settings OBS is an amazing, free tool for live streaming on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube, etc! It's also great for recording computer footage for all kinds of content. But, let's face it, the Output and Video settings in OBS are mysterious and confusing. How do we find the Best Partner OBS Settings

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To set the frequency, you have to open the OBS system and then visit the setting option. After that, search for the frequency option and set it as per your desktop frequency. Now, close the OBS, restart your device, and check whether the issue is solved or not. 8. Free Disk Spac Streamlabs OBS - How To Setup Alerts For Followers, Donations, Subscribers, and MORE . Watch most popular videos on Clips Today August 2021. Full HD video Streamlabs OBS - How To Setup Alerts For Followers, Donations, Subscribers, and MORE Get the Best Possible Sound From Your Streaming Microphone in OBS and Streamlabs OBS With These Settings and Tips #BloggersWhoStream January 28, 2020 June 6, 2021 Jett [This post is part of a blogging collaboration by Later Levels and Hundstrasse called #BloggersWhoStream After you install Streamlabs OBS, you connect instantly to your Streamlabs account and run a starter setup to help find the best settings for your stream based on your computer. This automatically gives new users an advantage by being able to have everything automatically setup in the Settings Tab to be able to stream at the start If the issue OBS crashing has not been solved, try disabling the Windows 10 game mode. Here is the tutorial. Step 1: Click the Windows icon on the taskbar and then click the Settings icon. Step 2: Click the Gaming setting on the Settings window. Step 3: Switch to the Game Mode tab and then toggle the Use Game Mode setting to the off position

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Open OBS en klik op settings (instellingen). Ga vervolgens naar Output en dan naar het tabblad Streaming. Streamen op een enkele game pc. Voor het streamen op een enkele PC raden we aan om de NVENC New codec te gebruiken. Dit is een codec die gebruik maakt van je Nvidia-videokaart, waardoor je processor (CPU) flink ontzien wordt. In vrijwel. Scroll to the bottom. open the Graphics Settings. Click on Browse. Select the OBS executable file (Default location: C:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\obs64.exe) Once added, Click on its name then click on Options. Select Power Saving which is where your integrated card should be. Save it and Restart OBS The best way to find out which settings are best for you, is to experiment with them a bit. Start streaming. Now that the settings for MistServer and OBS are done, we are all good to go. To start streaming all we will have to do is press the Start Streaming button in the bottom right corner of OBS

Hotkeys in OBS. Inside the Open Broadcaster Software settings menu, you can access the Hotkeys area. Hotkeys can be assigned to basic video production tools such as scene transitions and cuts. You will notice that each of your scenes inside OBS can have multiple hotkeys assigned to it. For each scene inside OBS, you can create hotkeys for. The Stream Settings tab is open by default. Look directly under the label to find the stream key you need for OBS. Look directly under the label to find the stream key you need for OBS

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Step 1: First of all you need to visit official website of OBS and get your software tool installed on your system. Step 2: Now launch OBS on your device and directly go to settings option. Step 3: It is time to copy the stream key from YouTube and then paste it directly in the specified field of OBS Instead of fiddling with the hundreds of settings in either OBS or SLOBS, you could start streaming in a matter of two clicks via Restream Studio. In addition to going live with no hassle, Restream Studio also allows you to broadcast your live content to multiple top platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many.

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I am wondering what the best combination of bitrate and resolution settings would be for a computer with these kind of specs (for reference, I use a Razerblade 15 with an i7, GTX 1060, and 16 GB of RAM). By best, I mean what would be the ideal settings that stop the lag in osu! but also allow me to have a good quality video. Thanks in advance Here are the top 10 OBS features you need to know about; Getting dropped frames in OBS. Here are some new feature to help with that. Take a look at OBS 24 and all the new feature here. Increase your productivity with OBS and learn how to use hotkeys here; Learn how to setup animated stinger transitions in OBS her Control-z doesn't work and you are frantically looking through the menu buttons to find undo. Well, we have good news and bad news for you: the bad first, there is no undo button included in OBS, the good news is that if you are desperately wanting to use undo, Streamlabs OBS is a solution

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