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Deepin Linux Review: Stylish Distro or Spyware? By Odysseas Kourafalos / Nov 5, 2020. Deepin is a rising star among Linux distributions, thanks to its combination of an elegant desktop environment with the stability and reliability of Debian. But Deepin is also a divisive Linux distribution, both because of its Chinese origin and some arguable. Deepin 20.2 was a rather large download at 2.75 GB and the direct download speed was a little bit underwhelming. I transferred it to an 8 GB USB stick using Etcher then fully installed it to my Dell E2740 internal SSD drive. Deepin uses its own installer. It gave me the option to use the whole disk or do a manual set-up 3. The Heart. Control Center is now a window. Deepin ID. New designs. Control Center is the heart of Deepin. Previously a sidebar, now it is a window. Changes to this heart affect Deepin users: (1) aligned experience with most people's experience in using control panel (2) Deepin ID facility -- an online service dedicated to Deepin users similar to Ubuntu One currently available for Mainland. Deepin 20 Review. Back in September, deepin released version 20, a major update of their glitzy Linux distribution. I finally got around to test it, installing it fully onto an external SSD. When deepin 20 came out, I immediately downloaded the ISO in order to test it in a virtual box. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a live session It's very easy to use and very user-friendly. Installing software is a breeze. It currently ranks #14 on DistroWatch with 685 hits per day. I would recommend Deepin Linux over Ubuntu to my Windows friends if they are interested in switching to Linux. And that's my review of Deepin Linux 15.2

Review of Deepin OS 20 - the most beautiful Linux distribution. Deepin is one of the nicest Linux distributions out there, based on the stable Debian branch, and with the latest version 20, it's better than ever before. There are many changes and visual improvements that make it a great Linux distribution. In this article, I'm going to. Deepin OS Review. Free. 783 223 . Review of Deepin OS powered by the Slant community. Deepin is a distribution that aims to provide an elegant, user-friendly and reliable operating system. Specs Update. Package Manager Debian Package Manager. OS Family GNU+Linux. Origin China

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Deepin is popular among users who want a beautiful Linux while being stable. This is an overview of Deepin Linux with a summary of the latest release Deepin 20. Deepin Linux 20 Review What's new in Deepin 20 Core. Deepin 20 is powered by stable Debian 10.5 Buster series and supports dual Kernel. That means while installing you get to choose. Deepin is best known for it awesome desktop environment and it facility to install and use it. What I also do really like about deepin is that the OS comes with all those little programs and features you daily use for all your need. Deepin can also be installed on old computers Review collected by and hosted on G2.com FOSS Linux published a review on Deepin desktop environment.Deepin DE review: The most beautiful Linux DE | FOSS Linux We have put together a detailed overview of the Deepin Desktop Environment, going over all its various features, settings, and options for this read.Deepin DE review: The most beautiful Linux DE |. There is widespread adoption of a certain macOS design trend in the latest release of deepin. This desktop OS is beautiful in its latest iteration, but is th.. Debian-based deepin Linux 20.2 is here and you should switch from Windows 10 now! Debian is a great operating system in its own right, but also, it makes for an excellent base for other Linux.

Deepin OS is an open-source, Debian-based desktop distribution whose aim is to provide users with a beautiful, security-conscious, and user-friendly Operating System. It was initially based on Ubuntu until the release of its significant version 15 when it switched to model Debian.. As at the time of writing, it has an 8.81/10 rating out of 603 reviews on Distrowatch and sits at #8 with over. A quick glance and some opinions on the latest version of Deepin.-----extra tags: deepin,deepin linux,deepin 15.10,review,manjaro 18.0 deepin review,deepin. Deepin is a very smooth, well-polished and user-friendly Linux operating system with a lot to offer that other desktop environments simply do not have. The Deepin Desktop Environment is feature-rich, easy to use and it gets a lot things right both GNOME and KDE get wrong. It is very user-friendly and simple, like GNOME, yet power-full and. Deepin 20 Review: The Gorgeous Linux Distro Becomes Even More Beautiful (and Featureful) TechRepublic: Deepin 20 is still the most beautiful Linux desktop on the market. Deepin 20 is out and Jack Wallen believes it could be the Linux distribution the masses have been waiting for

However, the subtlety of Deepin versus deepin has all but lost its purpose. Regardless of whether the name is spelled deepin or Deepin Linux (as in this review), this distro offers users an eloquent, modern-themed Linux OS. It is easy to use and comes with high-quality software developed in house. Work in Progres Long, thorough, detailed review of Deepin 15.4, a Chinese Debian-based distribution, covering live session, installation in a dual-boot setup, and post-install use, including numerous initial boot problems, look & feel, networking - Wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, Samba sharing, Samba and Wireless printing, smartphone support - Ubuntu Phone and Windows Phone, partitions and slideshow, Deepin. deepin 15.10 Is A Beautiful Linux Distro That'll Make Windows Users Jealous By Adarsh Verma - April 29, 2019 The deepin Linux distro has a long history of different names, including Deepin, Linux Deepin, etc. This China-based distro is also known for its user-friendliness as well as its elegant appearance that can make any Windows or.. Deepin OS is not just another Linux Distro, but one with something new to show. Deepin OS is simply speaking, just beautiful. Deepin OS, formerly known as Deepin, Linux Deepin, and Hiweed GNU/Linux is a Linux distro with an identity crisis. Seriously, this distro has undergone name changes you always have to check twice..

Deepin 12:12 on the other hand has taken several huge steps backwards, especially in it's presentation which is bland and is also heavier on resources. 12.06 = 5 stars 12.12 = 2.5 stars 1 user found this review helpful A new feature in Deepin 15.11 goes a long way towards doing just that. Deepin 15.11 Cloud Sync. Deepin. There's a subset of Linux users who use the same distribution on multiple PCs, and while.

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The Desktop: Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0, which made its debut on Deepin 2014, is a redesigned version of what shipped in Deepin 2013. (See Linux Deepin 2013 review.)Not only does it look better than the earlier version, but it feels just right. There's no fighting the desktop just to get stuff done See why millions translate with DeepL every day. Fast, accurate, and secure - translate texts and full document files instantly. Currently supported languages are.

ExTiX 21.1 Released based on latest Deepin Desktop [Review] Updated on January 4, 2021. The ExTiX team announced the release of the latest version of the desktop - ExTiX 21.1 based on the latest Deepin desktop 20.1 which released a while ago. ExTiX is based on Ubuntu/Debian and provides many desktop environment flavours such as KDE, Budgie, LXQt In this Linux Desktop Environment review, we have a slightly controversial choice. Deepin, both as a distribution and as a Desktop Environment, is one that not everybody feels comfortable using and trusting.However, we'll be setting that aside, dispelling some myths, and looking at the beautiful Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE), its user experience, some notable features, and giving some. Reader supplied reviews for deepin Average rating. 8.7. from 476 review(s) What are your thoughts on deepin? Please include a few pros and a few cons, along with your overall impression of the operating system. Our FAQ page has tips on writing a good mini-review Manjaro Deepin is a Community driven project which tries to merge the best of the world . The UI of Deepin into the amazing Arch Kernel. Manjaro comes in various other flavours such as Gnome, KDE and many more. Manjaro is the Top rising OS in Distrowatch, It was not even visible in the list three years ago Deepin Linux is by far one of the most good-looking Linux distros out there. But as much as it's praised for its good looks, it's also infamous for collecting user data and sending it to Chinese servers. In this review, I'll talk about what I like about the new release, as well as some of the rough edges. elementaryOS is making a better.

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Deepin 15.4 Review. Deepin Linux is a Debian based GNU/Linux distribution from China featuring a custom desktop environment called Deepin Desktop Environment, acclaimed for its beauty and its innovative system configuration center. It includes a suite of applications developed in-house to complement the desktop environment -- Deepin File. The good news is that Deepin Linux 20.2.2 is now live and it supports Android Apps! Microsoft believes that your system is outdated if it doesn't have a TPM 2.0 chip. And even requires a recent generation of processors. Ironically, their own recently launched Surface does not support Windows 11 officially. If you are in that non-supported.


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Garuda Linux comes with BTRFS as the default filesystem. Garuda Linux is a bleeding edge rolling release and less tested software might break your system after an upgrade. Timeshift backs up the system automatically before each update, and you can access the latest 5 snapshots of your system directly from the GRUB For now, the test image of Manjaro Deepin Edition is based on the Manjaro Architect Edition, which is a barebone version of Manjaro Linux without any preinstalled apps. Besides the usual Manjaro utilities, you'll only find the Mozilla Firefox web browser and HexChat IRC client. A full list of installed packages is available here The Deepin/Depth OS distro remains something totally new. It was an Ubuntu-based distribution built around its own desktop environment based on the Qt 5 toolkit. With the latest release, Qt powers the desktop to replace the previous HTML5 + WebKit implementation. Mutter is now used as the window manager deepin, 湖北省 武汉市. 9,566 likes · 17 talking about this · 12 were here. deepin is a Linux distribution committed to providing an elegant, user-friendly, safe and stable operating system for users all.. But it was always on my future review list. And when I got my hand on a Deepin OS 15.9 ISO I did this thorough review. Overview As given in the Wikipedia page Deepin Linux is developed by China-based Wuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd and also its desktop environment DDE, the Deepin Desktop Environment, built on Qt. This is visible in its crisp.

Deepin (stylized as deepin; formerly known as Linux Deepin and Hiweed Linux) is a Linux distribution based on Debian's stable branch. It features DDE, the Deepin Desktop Environment, built on Qt and available for various distributions like Arch Linux, Fedora, Manjaro and Ubuntu.As of version 15.10 it also uses dde-kwin, a set of patches for KDE Plasma's window manager Deepin Reviews. The Best Desktop Environments For Linux (We Tested Them So That You Don't Have To) That's when the Deepin desktop environment comes to the scene. It may offer a macOS-ish interface in a way but because of the animations and the layout, the looks and feel of Deepin desktop environment is something to appreciate.. Deepin is a Linux-based open-source operating system, allowing Huawei to modify according to needs. Chinese Phone blog dedicated to providing breaking news, expert reviews, Chinese Phones. A new review has been published: Deepin 20 Review. This website can use cookies to improve the user experience This website can use cookies to improve the user experience and to provide certain services and functions to users Linux Deepin (formarly Hiweed GNU/Linux) is an open source and freely distributed operating system based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (previously was based on Ubuntu, which is derived from Debian) and featuring its own desktop environment, theme, icons, and manager

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  1. Deepin 2014.2 review. Deepin 2014 was a major release of Deepin (formerly Linux Deepin), a desktop distribution developed by some good folks in China. Though based on Ubuntu Desktop, the distribution features a custom desktop environment instead of the Unity Desktop of its parent distribution. That desktop environment, which is called Deepin.
  2. DEEPIN SE ACTUALIZA A LA 20.2.1, CONOCE LOS PORMENORES. ¡Hola, Visitante ! Regístrate. Se parte de la más vibrante comunidad en línea de Deepin
  3. Deepin Desktop Review: una distribución elegante y un entorno de escritorio. Posted by Moyens Staff Hace 6 días 8 lectura mínima . 0 Comparte. LEE MAS. Cómo deshabilitar la pantalla de bloqueo en Ubuntu. En esta revisión del entorno de escritorio Linux, tenemos una opción un poco controvertida
  4. Build reproduces fine here. SBAT looks good in the shim binary, without the debian entry (good, I think it's better to stay separate). Embedded CA cert looks OK, I think. Most people tend to use 2K RSA keys here but I don't expect problems with a 4K key. Have you tested this shim build to make sure things work OK
  5. Looking for alternatives to Deepin? Find out how Deepin stacks up against its competitors with real user reviews, pricing information, and what features they offer
  6. (1 of 3 people found this review helpful) not working on Asus-x451ca 2013 with dual core intel celeron u1007u , 2gb ram ddr3, intel graphics 3rd gen. black screen not booting. and i try manjaro deepin and it works fine
  7. deepin is an elegant, easy to use and reliable domestic desktop operating system released by Deepin Technology Co., Ltd. WPS Office, Skype, Spotify. and other deepin featured applications have been preinstalled in deepin. It allows you to experience a variety of recreational activities, but also to meet your daily needs
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Deepin 20.2 es la nueva versión de la distribución Linux más llamativa del vecindario -por lo menos a simple vista- y la tercera actualización que recibe, pero no de mantenimiento, pues lo cierto es que con cada nuevo lanzamiento, llegan novedades muy diferentes.. Si Deepin 20 se caracterizó por el intenso remozado del apartado estético del escritorio y la introducción de. With the help of Capterra, learn about Deepin, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other Operating Systems products and more. Still not sure about Deepin? Check out alternatives and read real reviews from real users

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  1. Manjaro Deepin 17.0.4 is a great Linux for Desktop. The new version of Deepin 15.4.1 offers a better user experiences The new mode switching now lets us to run Deepin 15.4.1 on a virtual machine like Virtualbox. Its a great improvements since the original Deepin Linux is not recommended to run on Virtualbox
  2. Hello everyone, welcome to distro review on this blog. Today we are going to discuss in details about Deepin 15.5, a great Linux distribution for Desktop. This article is based on Deepin 15.5 which still in Beta. This is a real beautiful Linux distribution. There are many new features on Deepin 15.5 and it feels good to try this OS on our laptop
  3. Deepin is a free operating system that uses the Linux kernel.. It is one of the most popular Chinese Linux distributions and it is based on Debian. The goal with deepin is to make it easy to use and install onto a computer. deepin can be used on all types of personal computers. deepin is downloaded as a DVD, which is free to download on the deepin website

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  1. Mangaro Deepin Purevpn B, read on. We stand for clarity on the market, and hopefully our VPN comparison list will help reach that goal. To the uninitiated, one VPN can seem just like the next. We'll Mangaro Deepin Purevpn break down everything - VPN speed comparison, price comparison, it's all here. A simple answer in the sea of marketing
  2. Deepin Technologies, LLC is a California Foreign Limited-Liability Company filed On March 10, 2021. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 202108310456. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Universal Registered Agents, Inc. and is located at 8733 W 157th Street, Overland Park, KS 66221
  3. deepin (formerly, Deepin, Linux Deepin, Hiweed GNU/Linux) is an Ubuntu-based distribution that aims to provide an elegant, user-friendly and reliable operating system. It does not only include the best the open source world has to offer, but it has also created its own desktop environment called DDE or Deepin Desktop Environment which is based.

This is a long review about the new deepin 15.3 GNU/Linux operating system. deepin 15.3 released 13 September 2016 bringing a very beautiful desktop plus so many new features we excited to see. I consider now that deepin 15.3 desktop is one of the most beautiful GNU/Linux desktop systems ever made, besides the elementary OS Loki, and at the. The latest Deepin Linux release has impressive new features and tweaks that make it notably better than version 15.8, which I last reviewed. The Wallpaper selection panel scrolls attractive. Deepin 15.8 Review. In this article we'll take a look at a Linux distribution originating from China. The distribution is called Deepin Linux and it's based on Debian's unstable branch. The Linux distribution only has one version with their own Deepin desktop environment. The purpose of Deepin Linux is to provide an easy to use, reliable. Linux Deepin Reviews: Shop. In Elementary, we're equipped with a software center where the unwritten rule is: If it's not there, then it won't work. So, I'll have to sit and wait what the developers feed me later. In Pop, we can do some tweaking using the command line, but the option is limited. It's like do at your own risk.

Deepin 15.6 review. Thread starter Deleted member 35560; Start date Jul 28, 2018; D. Deleted member 35560 Guest. Jul 28, 2018 #1 I decided to give Deepin 15.6 a go and purchased a disk for £1.15p including free postage! Disk installs always take longer so it proved with Deepin. The install screen is good but quite boring after awhile Linux Action Show is the world's largest and longest running Linux-based podcast. Jupiter Broadcasting is the home of many fantastic online shows. Like Linux Action Show, Coder Radio, Linux Unplugged, TechSNAP, Unfilter, SciByte, FauxShow & more! 13.3k. Members Deepin Compare Deepin vs. LineageOS Compare Deepin vs. LineageOS in 2021 by cost, reviews, features, integrations, deployment, target market, support options, trial offers, training options, years in business, region, and more using the chart below Deepin OS team has announced a new stable point version 20.1 (1010) of its Deepin Linux 20 series. The latest Deepin Linux 20.1 (1010) comes with numerous updates ranging from kernel, repositories.

Deepin OS Review (15.5) Kita sudah sering mendengar GNU/linux distro seperti ubuntu, mint, ataupun debian. Dari negara asalnya tiongkok, OS ini cukup menarik untuk saya coba. Tampilannya yang menurut saya cukup berbeda dari distro-distro GNU/linux yang lainnya Linux Deepin ก็เป็น Distro ที่ผมรู้จักและเคยนำเสนอนานไปแล้ว (ถ้ายังจำกันได้) โดยจุดเด่นของ Linux ตัวนี้ก็คือ เรื่องความสวยงาม ซึ่งสวยงามกว่า KDE ซะอีก และยัง.

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  1. Deepin OS Download Download VMware Workstation Deepin is actually another nice Linux distribution similar to the stable version of Debian. Animations (look and feel) can be considered too difficult for some users, but overall it has a nice interface. It has its own Deepin Desktop Environment which contains a mix of essential features
  2. Deepin (ehemals Linux Deepin und Hiweed Linux) ist eine chinesische Linux-Distribution, die auf Debian basiert.. Deepin ist die meistgenutzte chinesische Linux-Distribution. Die seit 2013 eigens entwickelte Desktop-Umgebung Deepin Desktop Environment basierte ursprünglich auf WebKit und HTML5, bis sie 2015 auf Qt 5 portiert wurde.. In der Version 2014.2 wurde erstmals die kommerzielle Windows.
  3. When I learned of Linux Deepin about a week ago, I jumped to the conclusion that it was just another Ubuntu derivative. As it turns out, I was way off-the-mark. While Deepin is based on Canonical's ultra-popular distribution, Deepin has been around since at least 2004. Originally, the distro..
  4. deepin 20.2.2 In deepin 20.2.2, a brand-new App Store is released, with a fresh visual design, simplified interaction, Android apps support, and better application management

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Deepin is an easy-to-use Chinese distribution based on Debian.Its features include pre-configured Chinese applications and tools, such as Chinese input method, the LibreOffice office suite, Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionaries, and Chinese TrueType fonts. It also delivers a highly customised GNOME 3 desktop and a large number of usability enhancements Endless OS from Endless Computers is a GNU+Linux flatpak operating system loosely based on Debian with a tablet-like skin on top of a customized GNOME 3 desktop environment. It is designed to be very easy to use and people with little to no computer skills who are somewhat familiar with smartphones and tablets may feel right at home Deepin 2014 review. By finid . July 26, 2014. Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0, which made its debut on Deepin 2014, is a redesigned version of what shipped in Deepin 2013. Not only does it look better than the earlier version, but it feels just right. There's no fighting the desktop just to get stuff done I have ordered the ASUS G15 with a 3070 and look forward to how close it pulls in the next review. Next up, FireStrike. Another 19% improvement. Next Shadow of the TombRaider. Not quite as big a jump here with only a 11% improvement and only 3fps better average than the 1660Ti. The 1660Ti is a full power 80watt version In my previous post, I described how I used deepin to help me get openSUSE Leap 15.0 installed for 32-bit EFI booting. So maybe I should briefly review deepin itself. Background Deepin comes to us from China. It is apparently oriented particularly toward the needs of Chinese users. However, it also works quite well fo

Archman is a stripped deepin with an Arch core. It has the deepin's essentials and also the goodness of Arch, a nice combination of two worlds with all the goodness. You'll get the good deepin experience with it. Deepin OS is already perfect for me (suits all the need and my taste). I'd suggest if you want a full. 1 DeepIn Technologies Review about salary & benefits work culture skill development career growth job security work-life balance and more. Read more about working at DeepIn Technologies Názor ke článku Deepin 20 (beta): MacOS na čínský způsob od anonym - Pro pobavení závěr z jednoho security review: So the.. Now after Deepin starts up, select the first option that should be 'Deepin 15.11 GNU/Linux', using the up and down navigation keys, and hit the enter key. After you boot into Deepin for the first time, you will again be asked, whether you want 'Effect Mode' or 'Normal Mode', if you are on a virtual machine.If you want the fastest performance, I will recommend you to choose. Using Rufus will help you to make Linux Deepin bootable. Once the USB device is bootable just go into your BIOS and make the USB device to be the first choice in the boot order. Save the changes and exit. When your machine reboots it should boot right into Linux Deepin

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[Bug 1996378] New: Review Request: deepin-manual - Deepin manual bugzilla [Bug 1996378] Review Request: deepin-manual - Deepin manual bugzilla Reply via email t deepin (ранее Linux Deepin, Hiweed Linux, Hiweed Desktop и Hiwix) — дистрибутив Linux, основанный на Debian (ранее на Ubuntu) с собственным окружением рабочего стола DDE — Deepin Desktop Environment, с оконным менеджером Gala (форк Mutter) и рядом приложений домашней. The deepin project has published a new update to the distributions 20.x series. deepin 20.1 features a new kernel, Linux 5.8, along with bringing the rest of the operating system up to date with Debian 10.6. There have also been a number of performance improvements. In deepin 20.1, the operating efficiency of processors, network transmission. 1. Download installer zip. 2. Extract all files in zip file to same directory. Please extract to a folder that has full access permission. For example 'Program Files' can not be used. 3. Run Deepin.exe to Extract rootfs and Register to WSL. Exe filename is using to the instance name to register UbuntuDDE is a new entrant in the world of Linux desktops packed with the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Deepin desktop environment. There's no doubt that Deepin is one of the most beautiful.

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Deepin, Jeonju. 238 likes · 434 were here. Pub. Bar. One of oldest pub in Jeonj Deepin Software Center, aka DSC, is one of the most talked about applications of Linux Deepin. Installing new applications is just a one-click operation. DSC supports parallel downloading, resuming downloads, update notification and cache cleaning. Applications are represented by large, beautiful and informative icons Deepin (stylized as deepin; formerly known as Linux Deepin and Hiweed Linux) is an open source operating system for computers. It is a Linux distribution based on Debian's unstable branch. It runs on personal computers and network servers.Deepin runs on x86-64 architectures.. Development of Deepin is led by China-based Wuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd., that generates revenue through the sale. Deepin, Jeonju: See 9 unbiased reviews of Deepin, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #24 of 1,184 restaurants in Jeonju

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Compare Apple iPadOS vs. Deepin Compare Apple iPadOS vs. Deepin in 2021 by cost, reviews, features, integrations, deployment, target market, support options, trial offers, training options, years in business, region, and more using the chart below The Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) is the desktop environment of the deepin Linux distribution. It is designed by the Wuhan Deepin Technology Co.,Ltd.deepin is a Linux distribution devoted to providing a beautiful, easy to use, safe and reliable system for global users. deepin is an open source GNU/Linux operating system, based on Linux kernel and mainly on desktop applications, supporting. Deepin is a Debian based Linux distribution.Deepin uses its own desktop environment which is really pretty. The desktop environment of Deepin has blurred transparency effect where possible. It's a lot like Apple's Mac OS.The default software that comes pre-installed are also made by the Deepin project, so they are well integrated with the Deepin. operating system and works flawlessly Software-update: Deepin 20.2. Deepin is een Linux-distributie die zijn basis in China heeft, maar ook daarbuiten wordt ingezet en onderhouden. Het is gebaseerd op Debian, en richt zich op het. deepin Project Reviews Starts: 1,2,3,4,5 with comment only In chronological order from new to old - deepin #osd

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  1. Deepin se pasa a Debian estable, mejora el rendimiento y las opciones del escritorio. por J.Pomeyrol. 29 de abril, 2019. Twittear. Distribuciones Linux enfocadas en el usuario final hay muchas, pero no todas logran su objetivo con el refinamiento que cabría esperar. Una de las que mejor lo está haciendo, o al menos una de las que más lo.
  2. Deepin és una distribució de Linux d'origen xinès basada en la branca estable de Debian; sota la llicència GPL version 3. Compta amb un entorn d'escriptori propi el DDE.Deepin ve amb un conjunt de programari lliure i privatiu per defecte. Genera ingressos mitjançant la venda de suport tècnic i altres serveis
  3. Solus Linux Distribution Support. Since Solus is a small project, they don't have a lot of commercial support available. Users do have access a wiki with a fair amount of documentation, some forums which are rather well frequented, a Google+ community, and an IRC channel
  4. al output with code tags which become available when you click the Go Advanced button beneath the compose post window
  5. Deepin Boot Maker add to watchlist send us an update. 3 screenshots: runs on: Windows 10 32/64 bit. Windows 8 32/64 bit. Windows 7 32/64 bit. file size: 15.9 MB
  6. Manjaro. Is an accessible, friendly, open-source operating system. Providing all the benefits of cutting-edge software combined with a focus on getting started quickly, automated tools to require less manual intervention, and help readily available when needed
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