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The Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced and apple cider combination is literally hot right now. Holiday Martini The most special Captain cocktail for the most special time of year Fill a mixing glass with ice. Add the spiced rum and top up with sprite. Stir and serve in a highball glass with ice. Can you drink Captain Morgan Spiced Rum straight? Kraken, Captain, and other spiced rums aren't made for drinking straight. White rums aren't either. Find something dark and unspiced. A good sipping rum will taste almost.

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  1. A fruity mix of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and blended juices. Strawberry Daiquiri. The perfect desert island cocktail. Sun Kissed Captain. A Caribbean-inspired combination of white rum, pineapple & orange juice and soda. Tokyo Tea. A close cousin of Long Island Iced Tea, with an exotic twist. Share. Email
  2. Are you a fan of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and want some great serve suggestions other than Coke? Then watch this Video. GET MY FREE COCKTAIL BOOK - https:..
  3. Mix mango juice, passion fruit juice, dark rum, Captain Morgan spiced rum, and, sweet and sour mix in a shaker. Shake the mixture and pour the liquid in a hurricane glass or any other glass available. Don't forget to add crushed ice and garnish it with lime wheel

CAPTAIN MORGAN'S SPICED rum, a staple of many an Irish night out. But what to mix it with? The Irish love affair with combining a Morgans with fizzy orange got us thinking about the best (and. 1. Easy Captain Morgan Spiced Rum-Blended Alcoholic Drinks. Throw a handful of ice cubes in cocktail glasses, and in each, mix ¼ oz of each of Captain Morgan Original Jamaican spiced rum, triple sec, vodka and tequila, along with ½ oz of orange juice (alternately, grapefruit juice, lemonade, or ginger ale, whichever taste you prefer), and 1½ oz soda water Method: With a cocktail shaker, mix soda water, Captain Morgan spiced rum, lime juice and sugar together. Fill a tall glass with crushed ice and some mint leaves. Pour the mixture into the prepared glass and mix well. If you are feeling adventurous, add a dash of tabasco for a fiery finish Does white rum mix with Coke? Each basic type of rum brings something to a Rum and Coke.White rum: Also known as light rum, white rum is the most common type of rum used in a classic Rum and Coke.White rums generally have a light sweetness and are an agreeable, easy-to-drink choice.. Can you drink Captain Morgan Spiced Rum straight? Kraken, Captain, and other spiced rums aren't made for. Instructions. Fill a rocks or cocktail glass halfway with ice. Add the Captain Morgan, light rum, blue curaçao, and sour mix to a cocktail shaker. Shake to chill. Strain into the glass. Drizzle the grenadine on top. Garnish with a mint sprig. 7. Captain's Silver Sunrise

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Kraken is a rum brand that has made itself famous for specializing in dark spiced rum. A 750ml bottle of Kraken Black Spiced Rum can retail for an average of $18.99 - $19.99. The bottle of black spiced rum offered by Captain Morgan is slightly more expensive, averaging in price between $21.99 - $26.99 for the same volume Captain Morgan is a brand of flavored rums (including, in Europe, some rum-flavored premium spirit drinks) produced by British alcohol conglomerate Diageo.It is named after the 17th-century Welsh privateer of the Caribbean, Sir Henry Morgan. Since 2017, the label has used the slogan Live like the Captain Captain Morgan White Rum is much sweeter and softer but with a little less structure than Bacardi Superior. Bacardi's finish is a lot drier and more acidic, but the flavors in Superior taste more true to the base molasses, and Superior also has a superior mouthfeel

Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, Maui Blue Hawaiian Schnapps, Peach, Raspberry Liqueur, Sour Mix, Southern Comfort Dirty Hairy Snatch (Shooter) Absolut Mandarin Vodka, Baileys Irish Cream, Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, Cuervo Gold Tequil 20 suggestions to help you along your way to perfecting the mixed drink. AskMen. Sign up Log in; AskMen. 0. Shares. Captain Morgan And 7Up . AskMen Editors. October 8, 2014 . Share Tweet Flip. 0 One of the popular rums, Captain Morgan, lends itself to many different, versatile recipes for the enthusiastic rum drinker. Some are traditional, others, not so much. So, raise your glass! Captain & Cola 1-1/2 oz. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 3 oz. Cola Stir in a tall glass with ice. Captain & OJ 1-1/4 oz. Captain [

Dec 2, 2020 - Explore Captain Morgan's board Captain Morgan Cocktails, followed by 39144 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about captain morgan cocktails, captain morgan, cocktails Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum (40% ABV) is crafted in Jamaica using blackstrap molasses, spices and natural flavourings. The rum is subsequently finished in double charred blackened oak which imparts a distinctive dark colour. On the nose, it hints at vanilla and cinnamon which explode on the palate along with caramel, cloves and a dry finish Original Spiced Gold & Cola 10 Pack 375mL. $ 54 00. Saved to your Favourites. Keep all your favourite drops in the one place Open Favourites. FIND ME NEARBY. Captain Morgan. Original Spiced Gold & Cola 10 Pack 375mL. Pack (10) $ 54 00. Case (30) $ 146 00 What do you mix with Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea Mix? Captain Morgan is a brand of rum that is mixed with iced tea. It can be served on the rocks, over ice, or in a highball glass with ice and lime wedges. Do you have to refrigerate Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea? No, Captain Morgan is a brand of rum May 29, 2015 - Explore tammy frasier's board Captain morgan mixed drinks on Pinterest. See more ideas about drinks, fun drinks, mixed drinks

While Captain was already so smooth, adding apple to the mix made it even smoother. The sweetness of fruit and rum go together extremely well, and both manage to warm you up exactly when you need it most. Anything apple totally screams fall, and this rum would go spectacularly well with apple cider Capt Morgan Long Island Iced Tea Premixed Cocktail. SKU: 221202 1.75 L. 1.75L. $18.99. The gracious Captain has done all the work in this ready-to-drink legendary spirit you can just pour and enjoy A tropical beach is the perfect place to both show off your bod and sip a refreshing rum tipple. But too often bartenders bury the liquor in sugary mixers and fruit juices (usually to mask inferior swill), forcing many beachgoers to sacrifice their favorite drinks for the sake of their physique. But it doesn't have to be this way. If you have a quality rum on hand, you can mix yourself a.

How can you mix Captain Morgan rum with vodka? If you want to make a rum drink stronger without changing the flavor you could add a half ounce or ounce of vodka to any rum drink. If you want to make the drink seem stronger, you could pour 'a float.. People also ask, what is good to mix with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum? Bring smirnoff vodka, gordon's gin, grand marnier, Captain Morgan original spiced rum in a shaker. Next add fresh lime juice, lemon juice, and, water give it a nice shake and top it off by adding cola to the liquid

A perfect example is using Captain Morgan Black as a stand-in for vodka in the Moscow Mule, rather than just with plain ginger ale: Captain Morgan Black and Ginger 1 1/2 oz Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum 1/2 oz fresh lime juice 4 oz of ginger ale. Mixed over ice in a Collins glass Mix Captain Morgan's and white wine in a glass. Add Coke and ice. Garnish with a slice of lime. Serve in: Old-Fashioned Glass. Captain's Coffee recipe. 1 oz Captain Morgan® Original spiced rum 1 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur 1 dash bitters. Pour the Captain Morgan spiced rum, Kahlua coffee liqueur and herbal bitters into a cocktail shaker half. Inzerát GALANTERIE Tkaničky do bot - mix.Captain Morgan v okrese Hradec Králové, cena 20Kč, od anit63 na Sbazar.cz. Popis: Nabídka je aktuální od každé 1 pár tkaniček. ŽLUTÉ KULATÉ = PRODANÉ. Cena od 20,-Kč. **Zboží neposílám přes Zásilkovnu ani dobírkou pouze ČP** Pro urychlení obchůdku pište prosím svou dodací adresu + tel. děkuji vis. má veřejná vizitka. Trusted Results with Mixed drink recipe captain morgan. Drinks: recipes and cooking : Food Network. Find drinks recipes, food and cooking techniques from Food Network.. Born to Rum at Epicurious.com. Most drinkers are quite familiar with white and amber rums used primarily for mixed drinks.Varieties from Bacardi and Captain Morgan are solid examples of the type.. Captain Morgan, the original spiced rum, has a new flavor that will have you dreaming of the beach and fresh cocktails. Say to Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist! The summer-edition spirit is made with premium Caribbean rum with spice and other flavors. The results is a sweet and fruity drink that tastes like orange and vanilla

It's easy to mix up a pitcher of rum and dews to serve several guests so you're not stuck making drinks all day. Simply keep the ratio at 1:1:2. For example, to make a batch of eight servings, combine 1 1/2 cups spiced rum, 1 1/2 cups orange juice, and 3 cups soda. To retain the soda's fizz, make it up immediately before serving 1 1/2 oz. CAPTAIN MORGAN WHITE® RUM. 1 oz. Lime juice. 1 oz. Simple syrup. Instructions: In a shaker half filled with ice, add CAPTAIN MORGAN WHITE® RUM, lime juice, simple syrup. Shake well and strain into cocktail glass filled with ice. Garnish with lime Listen to Captain Morgan - Original Mix on Spotify. Daniel Robinson · Song · 2021 The spice of Captain Morgan balances wonderfully with tropical fruit flavors or nutty liquors, and it works fantastic for both summertime drinks and holiday cocktails. When I decided to make punch this past week, I knew I wanted to use Captain Morgan, but was surprised to see that there really aren't many spiced rum punch recipes out there. Drinks Made with Captain Morgan® Parrot Bay coconut rum. Below you can find just about all the drinks made with Captain Morgan® Parrot Bay coconut rum. These drinks contain Captain Morgan® Parrot Bay coconut rum, for the best possible mixes. If you have a list of more than one ingredient, or want your drink to include specific ingredients.

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instructions: Add Apple Smash and club soda to an empty glass. Drop in mint leaves and muddle lightly. Add ice and stir. Created using The Recipes Generator. If you enjoy a nice green apple flavored cocktail, I would definitely try the Captain Morgan Apple Smash, I think you would really like it Looking to buy Captain Morgan Rum & Ready to Drink online? Get handpicked bottles on GotoLiquorStore. Browse through range of collection by Captain Morgan and get your favorite one today How to Mix. Muddle mint and lime in the bottom of a tall glass. Add ice, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and ginger ale. Garnish with mint sprig and lime wheel. Stir and serve Captain Morgan LocoNut is a summer-inspired shot that blends Caribbean rum and spices with seasonal flavors - including real coconut liqueur. Though it's best enjoyed as a chilled shot, LocoNut can also be served in a number of delicious drink recipes, including this fabulous drink I'm sharing below According to Craig Schoettler, MGM Resorts executive director of beverage & corporate mixologist, there's no need to spend a lot of money on rum for mixing with cola. If you like a heavy vanilla flavor, spiced rums work well—Captain Morgan, etc., he says

Gather your ingredients, root beer, Capitan Morgan (or your favorite spiced rum) and vanilla coffee creamer. Fill your glass with ice and pour in your root beer. Next pour in your spiced rum. Then lastly pour in your creamer and stir to combine. How simple is this, seriously you could do it in your sleep We use Captain Morgan, Malibu Rum, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice and Grenadine. Here's a great video that will show you how to make one heck of a tasty MIA TIA. We use Captain Morgan, Malibu Rum, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice and Grenadine. Mix a Captain Morgan on Acid How To: Mix a Captain Hook cocktail How To: Mix a leg spreader cocktail.

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Captain Morgan Dark rum is a blend of five different rums from Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados. The blended rum mixture is distilled in a two part process using both pot stills and continuous stills and then aged for 2 to 7 years in charred oak barrels. Since 2011, the Captain Morgan rum brand has used the slogan To life, love and loot What mixes good with Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea? - Fill a glass with ice and pour in the Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, vodka, tequila, gin and triple sec. - Add the simple syrup and lime/lemon juice and top up with Cola. Stir well. - Garnish with a slice of lime or orange. How many points is a Long Island iced tea

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Into The Mix CAPTAIN MORGAN SLICED APPLE RUM HITS US September 11,2020. The new Captain Morgan Sliced Apple Spiced Rum is a blend of the brand's signature Original Spiced Rum, a subtle hint of ginger and fresh-cut apples. The apples are said to be sweet, yet tart and full of flavour How to Mix. Combine all ingredients including Captain Morgan White Rum with ice in a blender and blend; Related Recipes. Shark Attack Shots. tequila; No need to clear the beach for these sharks. The bite of coconut tequila combines with sugary sweet shark gummies in these tropical Jell-O shots. The only thing dangerous about these tasty treats.

Captain Morgan. While Captain Morgan has created a handful of recipes so you can make mixed drinks with the new rum, I first tried it straight. While I am not a fan of regular rum without a mixer. Captain Morgan Long Island Tea 1.75 L. Food Form: Liquids. One 1.75 L bottle of Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea; Blended with rum, vodka, whisky, gin and triple sec liqueur; Holds a sharp, sweet tea taste; 34 proof; Gluten Free; Brings the spirit of adventure to any party. Container Type: PET Bottle. Alcohol Proof: 34. Captain Morgan Throw... $55.99 . Captain Morgan Unise... $13.99 . X. Please email [email protected] to request or delete information Rum: Captain Morgan Cannon Blast | Limited Edition A sweet blend that finishes with a warming sensation. Order from the Largest & Most Trusted Premium Spirits Marketplace! Featured in ROLLING STONE MEN'S JOURNAL US WEEKLY NOTICE: Many other small liquor store sites will end up cancelling your order due to the high demand, unavailability or. Today Captain Morgan's Spiced and Captain Morgan Dark Rum are made at the Long Pond distillery in Jamaica, and enjoyed by millions around the world. Captain Morgan Dark Rum is a blend of pot still and continuous still rums from Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados. Aged in oak, it has a dark, full-bodied colour and distinctive rich taste

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Or, mix 25ml of Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced with apple juice - use warmed juice for extra Christmassy feels. Exclusive to Asda, you can get your hands on a 70cl bottle for just £13 Captain Morgan is a classic choice when it comes to spiced rum, especially if you don't want something too pricey. Captain and Coke is an iconic pairing, so this bottle is great for mixing while.

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Add Captain Morgan spiced rum. 1 ½ c. Captain Morgan spiced rum: Add Ice cubes. Ice cubes: Add Cinnamon sticks, for garnish. Cinnamon sticks, for garnish: Shop Ingredients Add to List. Things To Grab. Directions. Step 1. In a blender, combine 1 cup orange juice and pudding mix. Blend until pudding mix is dissolved. Add whipped topping, rum and. Pineapple rum is often mixed with vodka as well. Trippin is a cocktail that mixes vodka and pineapple rum, as well as fruit punch, soda, peach liqueur, and grenadine. Captain Red Jack uses Jack Daniel's whiskey and Captain Morgan pineapple rum specifically and mixes them both with Kool-Aid. This is a great drink to serve as a punch at parties The apple rum is one of the Captain's line of famed rums, which also includes Captain Morgan Loconut, Cannon Blast, Watermelon Smash, and our favorite, the pumpkin-y Jack-O'Blast. Captain Morgan Apple Smash rum goes down smooth as a simply chilled shot, but we've got some other ideas and a couple of cocktail recipes for you, too Review: Captain Morgan Private Stock 75.5/100 a Review by Chip Dykstra (Aka Arctic Wolf) Posted On December 15. 2011. Admiral Sir Henry Morgan (aka Captain Morgan) was a Welsh 'privateer' who attacked and plundered the Caribbean on behalf of, and with the written consent of (in the form of an English Letter of Marque), the Governor of Jamaica, Sir Thomas Modyford Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Grain Alcohol (PGA), Hawaiian Fruit Punch, Pina Colada Mix Poison Apple (Cocktail) Amaretto, Banana Liqueur, Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Grand Marnier, Grenadine, Pineapple Juice, Sour Mix, Southern Comfor

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Captain Morgan is an adoptable Rabbit - New Zealand Mix searching for a forever family near Edgewood, WA. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area Mix it up with Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea. Our blend combines rum, vodka, whisky, gin and triple sec liqueur to create the classic cocktail's taste. Our 34 proof blend can be sipped on its own, simply pour over ice for a delicious party drink! Includes one 34 proof 750 mL bottle of Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea Captain Morgan Tiki Mango & Pineapple 0,7L Noch 1 Woche gültig 13.99 11.99 Primitivo Di Manduria Noch 1 Woche gültig Alle Angebote. Tomaten-mix Angebot und Online Aktionen aus dem aktuellen Lidl Prospekt Dieses Tomaten-mix ist jetzt im Sale bei Lidl. Schauen Sie sich den aktuellen Lidl Prospekt an, um weitere großartige Angebote und Rabatte. ♫ Descargar mp3 Captain Morgan - Jam Jam Jam (Original Mix) [Disco Revenge] Libre del cantante Divulge. Duración de la canción (6.8 m) Hanya Di SIMP3. Dónde descargar canciones Captain Morgan - Jam Jam Jam (Original Mix) [Disco Revenge] Duración de la canción (6.8 m) del artista Bts MP3 Complete y Teryahud File, Free and Stabl

Rounding out the tasty trio, Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea mixes rum, vodka, triple sec and other flavors made ready to sip for an express version of the classic cocktail. Captain Morgan has. Ingredients: 1 oz. Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum. 1/2 oz. Elderflower Liqueur. 3/4 oz. Lime Juice. 1/2 oz. Honey Syrup. 2 oz. Coconut Water. Preparation: Shake and strain over ice into a Collins glass. Garnish with 1/4 of a grapefruit wheel. Captain Morgan's Put the Thai in the Coconut

cool mix. 2015-12-01T14:56:23Z Comment by Sallah Omar. what a nice music me luv it. 2015-06-24T22:18:11Z Comment by SENNID. JAH BLESS!! 2015-01-08T03:02:34Z. Users who like The Best of Morgan Heritage (mix) Users who reposted The Best of Morgan Heritage (mix) Playlists containing The Best of Morgan Heritage (mix) More tracks like The Best of. Captain Morgan. The Caribbean just keeps on rolling out the hits, and Captain Morgan rum is no exception. Created by one of the original pirates of the Caribbean, Sir Henry Morgan, this is a gently spiced rum with a taste and colour as rich as a pocketful of gold Captain Morgan Original Rum pairs well with a range of mixers, particularly lemonade, apple juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice or orange juice. But you can add cola for a full flavoured version of rum and cola. Place a generous wedge of lime in the glass for the Cuba Libre. Mixing with lime juice makes the Daisy Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum cocktails. All the cocktails you can make with the ingredient Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum. Add them to a list or view the best cocktails made with the Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum cocktail ingredien

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Captain Morgan. Drink detail. Spicy and with an excellent scent, Captain Morgan is a delicious rum with roots back to the Caribbean. Captain Morgan is best enjoyed pure or mixed with a soda like Coke or Sprite. The level of alcoholic content in this drink is about 35 - 37.5% Instructions. Pour Captain Morgan and Rose into a chilled wine glass. Add honey to taste. Add in cinnamon, basil and berries. Swirl to combine and serve Captain Morgan's Original Rum, White Rum and Spiced Gold Rum all have around 89 calories per 40-milliliter serving of 80 proof alcohol, according to Diageo. The varieties of Captain Morgan's rum that have a higher carb content also have a higher calorie content. For example, a 40-milliliter serving of 90 proof Parrot Bay Coconut Rum has 137.

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Captain Morgan is een bijzonder populaire Rumsorte die ook goed kan mengen in cocktails. Zelfs als je wilt drinken Captain Morgan, moet je het eens proberen als onderdeel van een cocktail. Om een cocktail met Captain Morgan mix, is het niet zo moeilijk met een goed recept Captain Morgan Caribbean Rum & Cola Mixed Drink 250ml Geniet van de legendarische mix, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold en cola gemixt in een blikje, zodat je elke keer de perfecte mix hebt. Een Captain met cola kan het beste koel geserveerd worden, in een glas met ijs en limoen voor een soepele, verfrissende maak White Mojito. - 1.5 oz. CAPTAIN MORGAN WHITE® RUM. - 0.5 oz. fresh lime juice. - 0.5 oz. simple syrup. - fresh mint, muddled. - fresh limes, cut into small pieces 1 oz. club soda. - 1 mint sprig. Instructions: Put all ingredients except club soda and mint sprig into a mixing glass. Add ice and shake vigorously 1.25 oz Disaronno Disaronno .50 oz Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 2 oz Pina Colada Mix 1 oz Sour Mix .50 oz Lime Juice 1 Pineapple/Cherry Garnish Mix in Tin, spindle shake, pour over ice Tastes like the Ambrosia Salads served at Holidays In Captain Beat, Mix and match over 500 incredible patterns to create your own unique rhythms. Detect the exact Key of your samples In Real Time with Mixed In Key Studio Edition Find the key of any vocal, drum hit or any other audio sample and then create chords, basslines and melodies to match

Captain Morgan rum isn't just regular rum. They have spiced rum (which I'm sure you've heard of), and flavored rums such as coconut, pineapple & grapefruit. They also have a line of cannon ball shaped bottles which include Jack-O Blast, Loconut and Cannon Blast Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold wird aus karibischem Zuckerrohr gewonnen und nach dem alten Rezept von zwei jamaikanischen Apothekern, die als Levy-Brüder bekannt waren, mit einer perfekt abgestimmten Mischung aus einheimischen Gewürzen veredelt. Nach dreifacher Destillation wird der Rum in amerikanischen, gekohlten Eichenfässern. A secret recipe of adventurous spice & natural flavours that are expertly blended with fine Caribbean rum - then aged in charred white oak barrels to create a taste and colour as rich as a pocketful of gold doubloons, perfectly mixed with cola. Just pour over ice and add a wedge of lime These were tasty and I would recommend using a clear glass because with my addition this drink looked great too. I used 1 1/2 shots Captain Morgan, to only 2 shots pineapple juice. Then I mixed and poured over ice. I added the cup of lemon/lime soda, and poured that in the glass Cherry to garnish. Serve in: Highball Glass Drunken Parrot recipe 2 oz Captain Morgan® Parrot Bay pineapple rum 2 oz Captain Morgan® Parrot Bay coconut rum 1 oz Captain Morgan® Original spiced rum 10 - 20 oz orange-pineapple juice 2 - 6 tbsp powdered sugar 5 - 10 drops vanilla extract Fill blender 2/3 full of ice. Add all other ingredients

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Captain Morgan White Rum (40% ABV / 80 proof, $15.99) - the nose on Captain Morgan White Rum is fairly light with vanilla, molasses, cola, light citrus, and black pepper. The bottle indicates that the rum is 5 Times Distilled, but since it's a column distilled rum, the number of times something is distilled is pure fantasy It would be truthful to say though that the Captain Morgan 100, like the Captain Morgan Original, is a spiced rum ehich wants to be mixed rather than consumed neat or with ice. The Afterburn 8.5/10. The Captain Morgan 100 Spiced Rum is much more my style of Spiced rum than the Original Spiced from Captain Morgan. It seems to carry a little less.

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Captain Morgan's is also good for the cake, but I wouldn't recommend it for the glaze. Both Captain and Bicardi tend to be too heavy of a flavour while in the glaze, while Myers is exceptionally weak. Also, some other tips: MAKE SURE YOU SIFT YOUR CAKE MIX/PUDDING! They clump really easily Amazon.com : Thoughtfully Gifts, Captain Morgan Ship Cocktail Mixers, Includes Morgan Mule, Pina Colada, Rum Runner, Mai Tai, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Rum Punch, Pack of 6, 2.4 oz Each (Contains NO Alcohol) : Grocery & Gourmet Foo

The pre-mixed can means you and your crewmates can enjoy the Captain's legendary spirit, wherever you are. ### Product Description Captain Morgan Rum is named after a Pirate Enjoy the legendary mix, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and cola pre-mixed in a can for the perfect serve every time Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and Cola premixed in a can for easy enjoyment wherever you are. The smooth, fresh taste of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold perfectly mixed with cola. Always best served chilled, or in a glass with ice and lime. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is flavoured with the taste of vanilla and spice, mixed. PINEAPPLE Captain Morgan Rum makes amazing EASY Cocktails. In this video, I have 3 easy Cocktails you can make at home using one of the flavoured Captain Morgan Rum variants, the Pineapple Rum. Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum is a US product, but you can also get it in the UK and around the world. Have you ever tried Pineapple Captain Morgan Rum? If so, let me know, and let me know any Cocktail. Captain Morgan is a well-known household name. It is a brand of rum produced by British alcohol conglomerate Diageo. It is made and distilled from sugar cane and is usually enjoyed with coke. Captain Morgan can be found in most bars around the world where it is used by bartenders to make a variety of cocktails