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PlayStation®3 System Software Update 4.88. An update to the PlayStation 3 system software was released on 06/01/21. In order to download PS3 system software version 4.88, you will need a minimum 200MB of free space on either the PS3 Hard Disk Drive (System Update) or on removable storage media (PC Update) PS3 Hybrid Firmware (HFW) 4.86.1 has been released and ready to download install on all PS3 console models. PS3 HFW 4.86 is a modified firmware that can be install over any OFW in PS3 FAT, Slim and Superslim consoles

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Initially, the 4.86 firmware been carried out on certain EU users to remove Singstar icon that that was stayed permanently on XMB and now this is global-wide release. HFW users need not to worry about as automatic updates are disabled by default, just don't do something foolish like installing OFW 4.86, just wait for next HFW version came out Download the update file : Download PS3 OFW 4.86. Connect a USB key to your computer and Format it in FAT 32 mode. Create at the root of your storage medium (USB key) a folder called PS3. inside this PS3 Folder, create another folder and rename it to UPDATE. Now Copy the downloaded PS3 OFW 4.86 Update firmware Into this UPDATE folder

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An update to the PlayStation 3 system software was released on 31/03/20. In order to download PS3 system software version 4.86, you will need a minimum 200MB of free space on either the PS3 Hard Disk Drive (System Update) or on removable storage media (PC Update) Custom Firmware : Rebug CFW 4.86.1; Hybrid Firmware HFW 4.86.1; If you have a console with an OFW lower than 4.86, you can upgrade to 4.86 by downloading : OFW 4.86 Do not try this jailbreak on an unsupported console, because it can lead to a brick of your Playstation 3 PS3 4.88 Jailbreak HFW password is realistic to download at no cost, We are happy to give the PS3 Jailbreak without spending a dime to our gaming Neighborhood, Artemis, Magnificent file manager, AwesomeMount point supervisor, Backup chief V2, Online diversions offer, PS3 Homebrew retailer.. PS3 Jailbreak 4.88 OFW to CFW escape applications homebrew is an extraordinary method to inspect.

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Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. Sony PS3 Firmware PlayStation 3 Firmware PS3 Firmware PlayStation 3 Firmware Sony PlayStation. DOWNLOAD Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.81. COMPATIBLE WITH: OS Independent. file size: 196.7 MB. CATEGORY:. PS3 System Software Ver. 4.82. A new minor firmware update has been released for the PS3, updating the system software to v4.82. The PS3 hasn't had a major firmware update since 2013, but it's good to see Sony is continuing to patch the PS3 to fix bugs and security issues. The update is mandatory, and is required to access the PlayStation.


Uma atualização do software do sistema do PlayStation 3 foi lançada em 01/06//21. Para baixar a versão 4.88 do software do sistema do PS3, você precisa de pelo menos 200 MB de espaço livre no disco rígido do PS3 (atualização do sistema) ou na mídia de armazenamento removível (atualização do PC). Atualize sempre o seu sistema PS5. Please note that you can only use this method if a .ird file is available online for the decryption of the disc. Not every Blu-ray drive will recognize PlayStation 3 titles due to how PlayStation 3 format discs are designed. Requirements for a Blu-Ray drive to be able to fully read PlayStation 3 discs are: Mediatek chipset and a +6 read offset Torne-se membro do canal por apenas 2,99 ou 7,99, além de benefícios exclusivos você também ajuda o canal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp95ZupxmD5nXjl.. This features PS3 Jailbreak 4.88 CFW custom firmware for your PS3 console is available to download the jailbreak as given at the bottom step by step. Double-click on the .zip file to extract the folder's contents. Insert a USB flash drive into an open port on your Windows computer. The flash drive must have at least 256 MB of available memory.

Pes 2021 Potato Patch v9.2.1 Full Edition *Update 9.2.1 is not compl... ete (you must install v9 first) it needs the previous version!! *No need to install v9.1 or (v9.1 LITE) or 9.2 *For the European and American versions *Update size 9.2 = 688M Features: correcciones en el scoreboard de champions para evitar congelamientos Nueva pelota de la liga Argentina corregido el frizeo al querer ver. Tutorial Install PS3 CFW 4.86.1 Ferrox Cobra 8.20 via donatelo27 Update: In related PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware news, littlebalup also released a DualBoot 4.86 PS3 CFW allowing online play without risking being banned with details below to quote: Download: DB_4.86_littlebalup.zip (196.36 MB) Littlebalup's 4.86 Dual Boot Firmware PUP MD5. Ensure your PS3 is updated to the latest Original Firmware 4.88, do that by checking system information. It can be found here and also confirm your console is compatible with this link. Download the latest ps3 jailbreak firmware. By clicking the button below it will take you to the download page. At the same time, plug in your USB flash drive Il recente aggiornamento del firmware su console PlayStation 3 ha risvegliato l'interesse degli sviluppatori, si inizia dal developer Joonie e la pubblicazione del firmware ibrido (HFW) 4.86.1. Il firmware ibrido 4.86.1 permette di reinstallare un Custom Firmware partendo dal firmware originale, ma solo se questa monta di fabbrica un firmware uguale o inferiore alla versione [ ** Or 4.86.1 HFW (Hybrid Firmware) for HEN 3.0.1 or later *** For HEN 4.88 use the official site ps3xploit.com or this tutorial for auto-HEN @ PSX-PLACE For CFW installation on PS3 fat & slims compatible use: PlayStation 3 Toolset 1.1003 by @bguervill

It's pretty amazing how Sony is still releasing firmware updates for the PlayStation 3 despite the console being over 13 years old. However, as more time goes on, the reasons behind the firmware updates are becoming less clear and that is surely the case with Firmware 4.86 which was released a few hours ago!. Sony releases Firmware 4.86 for the PlayStation The PS3 is not yet dead, in fact we have a new Firmware as you know, the 4.86. And I think it's not even the last. As always, we do our job for the community, releasing the Cybermodding Custom Firmware, the good old FERROX . Here we are to present you the new CFW FERROX 4.86 , with integrated COBRA 8.20 functions The PS3Xploit Team: W esc0rtd3w bguerville Habib Recommended Firmware: CFW-Compatible: 4.88 OFW / PS3HEN: 4.88 HFW bguerville's PS3 Toolset (Supports All Firmware 4.80 - 4.88) WARNING

PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.86 Deutsch: Neueste Firmware-Version für die PlayStation 3, die zwingend notwendig ist, um wieder die angebotenen Online-Funktionen nutzen zu können La scena Ps3 per quanto riguarda l'exploit di Han ha fatto passi in avanti per riportare la funzionalità di PS3Xploit su 4.84/485/488. FONTE Con un firmware ibrido (NON un CFW) che può essere installato su QUALSIASI MODELLO PS3 su qualsiasi versione di Firmware ufficiale (OFW) .L'unica cosa che essenzialmente questo firmware modificato fa è riportare il webkit patchato da OFW 4.82 che era.

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Downgrader Firmwares. Rogero 9.99 Downgrader - 3.55 CFW with PUP spoofed to 9.99. Recommended to install Rogero v3.7 immediately after. This will allow you to install a 3.XX firmware over it. If this doesn't work, try the Rebug downgrader. Do not install on consoles that report 3.56 on MinVerChk PS3 Jailbreak 4.86 (HEN/CFW) Jailbreak has been released and ready to download and install on any PS3 model (Yes! you heard right, FAT, slim and super slim.). As you know you can't install custom firmware on all PS3 console models. But you can apply HEN on any PS3 model including FAT. PS3 CFW installation will work up to CECH-25XXX models PS3 System Software 4.87 Update Live, Don't Update Your Firmware! psxhax.com kratosgdz How to downgrade ps3 firmware from 4.87 to 4.86 When on a CFW download & install >>> QA TOGGLER (Standalone), (Note: Will just show a black screen then reboot the PS3 and returns to xmb. A Restart is Required. After toggling QA, cfw syscalls will be disabled (meaning your CFW patches will be disabled until the next boot, so a reboot is.

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  1. PS3 CFW 4.86 FERROX COBRA v8.20 --> techgsmdz. FREE PATCH PS3 PS4. GAME PS4; PES 2018 XBOX360 Ability to Update from OFW 3.55 and original Firmware 4.86 [with PS3Xploit - compatible consoles only]. DOWNLOAD PES 2018 NEMEZIZ PATCH NEW SEASON 2019/2020 AIO FOR PS3 BLES + BLUS This is a free patch from Nemeziz Patch new season 19..
  2. Catatan penting update firmware ini untuk PS3 CFW (Seri 20/21/25) bukan untuk OFW (Seri 30/40) untuk PS3 OFW bisa gunakan HFW 4.86+HEN. FEATURES OF THE CFW: Built on the basis of the OFW 4.86 S * NY. PSN / SEN Enabled. Ability to Update from any CFW (CEX)
  3. PS3 Update 4.86 Released. by Alex Co. 1 year ago. in News, Title Updates and Patches. While we're used to the PS4 console getting patches, it seems Sony has released one for the PS3 — yes, the last-gen console! Now running on its 13th year, Sony has released PS3 update 4.86
  4. imum 200MB of free space on either the PS3 Hard Disk Drive (System Update) or on removable storage media (PC Update). Always update your PS3 system to the latest version of the system software
  5. PS3 is still alive and still getting updates in 2020. A new system update 4.87 has been rolled out for PS3 and you can download it now. PS3 Firmware Update 4.86 Gets a Surprise Release Today. PS3 firmware update 4.86 has the following changelog. New for 4.86. This system software update improves system performance

PS3 on any CFW; Downgrade Files (Download Here) QA-Flag (Download Here) Fat32 USB Stick(512Mb+) Warnings. Accidental upgraded PS3's from CFW to Official Firmware CANNOT be downgraded using this method, these can only be downgraded using a flasher.! - I am not responsible for bricked PS3's! - For educational purposes onl Download PS3 Jailbreak 4.88 CFW Now We will explain to you how to jailbreak PS3 4.88 CFW exploit. With this new jailbreak software, it is a lot easier to install and it works on all PS3 versions. So you don't have to downgrade your PS3. The Install is on auto-pilot with a USB so you don't have to open your PS3 NB: Pour 4.88 mais même contenu pour 4.84 à 4.87 !. 3. Insérez votre clé USB dans le port droit de votre PS3. Étape 2: Préparation de votre PS3. 1. Allumez votre PS3 2. Lancez la navigateur. Disponibile da poche ore il download del Custom Firmware Rebug 4.86.1. Si tratta della versione Lite, questo significa che il Custom Firmware presenta il solo supporto Retail/CEX. Questa versione può essere installata su di un qualsiasi Custom Firmware della PlayStation 3 (Ferrox, Starbuged, Bobby Downgrades, ecc..) e da firmware originale sulle console compatibili FAT e Slim [ Se la tua PS3 non è sul firmware originale sony dal 4.80 al 4.88 o sul firmware hybrido dal 4.84.2 al 4.88.1, prima di continuare con la guida aggiorna ad hfw/ofw 4.87.1 qui il download che può essere installato da qualsiasi versione di firmware ufficiale sony e poi potete seguire l'unica procedura standard spiegata qui sotto una volta.

We reported a few days ago that Sony have released firmware 4.88 for the PS3, which temporarily broke HEN support.The PS3Xploit team have been fast to update their support, with contributions from other members of the scene as well, and the PS3 Hen is now confirmed to work on 4.88, via the installation of a Hybrid Firmware.. The 4.88 Hybrid Firmware is, for all intents and purposes, equivalent. Here are 2 ways to jailbreak your system or console. 1st is custom firmware and 2nd is HAN Eneble. PS3 Jailbreak 4.86 CFW - Jailbreak PS3 4.86 Firmware to CFW. Download PS3 Jailbreak 4.82 CFW latest custom firmware including PS3 Slim and PS3 Super Slim from PS3 Jailbreak 4.82 OFW To CFW version CECH model. Article by Edward Roberts. 6 How to install Custom Firmware on the PS3 with FW 4.82 ※ Download: Download ps3 jailbreak 4.83 of the latest custom firmware PS3 Jailbreak 4.84 CFW Download [Tutorial] This is what will indicate if your PlayStation 3 has the potential to be jailbroken. Once you jailbroke your PlayStation 3 you can instantly backup your file Download HEN v3.0.3 Release Files (4.88 HFW) Download HEN v3.0.3 Release Files (4.87 HFW) Download HEN v3.0.3 Release Files (4.86 HFW) Download HEN v3.0.3 Release Files (4.85 HFW) Download HEN v3.0.3 Release Files (4.84 HFW) HEN Enable will be the default XMB landing icon after installation and reboot MultiMan Download. Freeware Playstation 3 Homebrew Applications. Major release: MultiMan 04.82. We have tested MultiMan 04.82.00 against malware with several different programs. We certify that this program is clean of viruses, malware and trojans

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ps3 jailbreak services This is a topic that many people are looking for.khurak.net is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses . it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, khurak.net would like to introduce to you How to Jailbreak PS3 With CFW on Firmware 4.86 or lower pirateo ps3 4.86 Se piratea PS3. CFW Rebug 4.86.1 Cobra 8.2 Lite. 4.86 Se entrega con la tienda. con el firmware HFW 4.86.1. descarga juegos ps3 cfw. PSN / SEN habilitado. Está desactivada por defecto

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Hybrid Firmware 4.86.1 Download PS3 4.86.1 HFW indirmek için tıkla PS3 4.86 HFW HEN HAN Multiman İndir. PS3 TÜM MODEL VE SÜRÜMLERİNE MULTİMAN YÜKLEME ve OYUN DOLUMU YAPTIRMA İÇİN KONUYU ZİYARET EDEBİLİRSİNİZ. +90 0545 735 28 97 Çalışma Saatlerimiz: Hafta içi 09:00 ile 18:00 arasında'dır PS3 CFW 4.85.1 REBUG LITE COBRA v8.2. Developer Joonie of Team Rebug has announced today the latest cfw 4.85. This is not the iconic REX flavor of PS3 Custom Firmware, which is a hybrid of dex/cex, In order for the creation of REX, the team is dependent and still in search for file's needed for the creation of REX (4.85 DEX PUP) Sony Interactive Entertainment just released a new system software 4.87 update for the PS3. Before you start dusting off your PS3, keep in mind that the firmware requires a minimum of 200 MB of. On PS3, you just run the pkg, again; On PC, use the configuration panel and the option uninstall a program. Console Manager. On Android, you can get it from the google play store here; On PC, it is installed with the CcApi-setup.exe. Changelog. 2.80 (rev9) Added 4.88 CEX support (rev8) Added 4.87 CEX support (rev7) Added 4.86 CEX suppor * PS3 ISO games from NTFS drives will now show background and cover (if loaded at least once) * Added support for checking for game updates for network and NTFS PS3 games in ISO format * Last loaded game/video (no network/ntfs) will be passed to webMAN for auto-load at next system start (making lastGAME almost obsolete

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About PlayStation ® 3 system software update version 4.85. 4.82, 4.83, and 4.84) PS3™ system software version 4.85 was released on August 28, 2019. Version 4.85 adds or updates the following features. Do not download or install updates using data other than official update data provided online or on disc media by Sony Computer This means Fat, Slim, SuperSlim model PS3's from any region can use this exploit! • As of 12/29/2020 4.87 is the latest firmware for the PS3 & that if a new firmware is pushed by Sony make sure to stay on the lowest firmware as at any time Sony can patch any exploits for the PS3

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* Support on classic custom firmware with Mamba/PRX Loader (ver 3.41-4.88 CEX) Support on classic custom firmware with Mamba loaded via IRISMAN (ver 3.41-4.88 CEX & 4.84.2 DEX) * All PS3 Models with downgrade compatibility are supported via PS3Xploit Flash Writer * All PS3 Models (including super slims, slims 3xxx & 25xx) are supported via PS3HE PS3 Jailbreak. Our firmware enables you to unlock a wide variety of features that were previously locked from usage on your PS3 Jailbreak 4.88 CFW. One of the most fundamental benefits of jailbreaking your PS3 is the capacity to browse and use all locked regional content. This is easily achieved with our latest firmware version, furthermore. Nein, das ist noch kein anderer April 2020 Fisch und obwohl 13 Jahre seit dem Start von vergangen sind PlayStation 3Sony hat in den letzten Stunden beschlossen, ein neues Systemupdate für die Konsole der älteren Generation zu veröffentlichen.. Das fragliche Update bringt die Firmware der mittlerweile alten Sony-Konsole auf Version 4.86 und laut dem, was auf der offiziellen Website des. PS3 Firmware Update 4.86 Gets a Surprise Release Today. Ali Haider April 1, 2020. Sony has updated the PS3 firmware update to version 4.86 today. This is a surprise update that doesn't appear to do much aside from stopping piracy. Sony had stopped releasing new PS3 firmware updates a while ago but this is the first time since last year that.

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  1. PS3, PS2, PSX Games Downloaded From Internet In ISO Format PS3 Firmware Supported: All Up To 4.86 Standard Online/Local Host HEN Setup Instructions ----- 1) Download HEN Firmware 2) Format USB Drive As FAT32 3) Create A PS3 Folder On The Root Of The USB Drive 4) Create A UPDATE Folder Inside The PS3
  2. Joonie de Team Rebug acaba de presentar una nueva versión de su firmware híbrido. De hecho, declara que no hay cambios en el núcleo y ya publica el HFW 4.86.1. Desde el punto de vista de la piratería, el firmware 4.86 no parece afectar mucho ya que el núcleo no se ha modificado en absoluto
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  4. Puedo descargar directamente con la ps3 la actualización de HEN. con el firmware HFW 4.86.1. Después haces todo lo que quieras, como actualizar DESDE USB un tutorial para liberar mi ps3.

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Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions-USA- [NPUB31544]-PS3 ISO+FIX+DLC-PKG. DOWNLOAD ». PS3 GAMES. June 20, 2020 ||3. ( 33 votes, 3.55 of 5 Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan membahas tentang HFW 4.86.1 Citra Mulia,HFW sendiri adalah Hybrid FirmWare artinya firmware untuk konsol PS3 yang dirilis oleh pihak ketiga atau unnoficial dari SONY yang berfungsi sebagai Firmware wajib untuk konsol PS3 yang akan menggunakan HEN,jadi jika konsol PS3 ingin menginstal HEN diwajibkan untuk diupdate dulu konsol PS3 nya ke HFW 4.86.1.HEN sendiri.

Download FW modifikasi HFW 4.86/4.87. Install seperti biasa ketika kita update FW. Bisa dilihat di tutorial ini caranya. Setelah sukses maka lanjut ke langkah berikutnya. Link CFW 4.86/4.87 dan HFW 4.86/4.87 ada di Download area; Koneksikan PS3 ke internet. Disarankan pake kabel LAN. Kalo ga ada ya pake WIFI gapapa, asal koneksi nya stabil 2 Cài đặt FW hack Custom Firmware kmeaw's 3.55 CFW Patched PUP: B1. Xóa PS3UPDAT.PUP trong thư mục UPDATE trên USB. B2. Giải nén PS3_355_KMEAW_CFW.RAR được File PS3UPDAT.PUP --> chép PS3UPDAT.PUP vào thư mục UPDATE trên USB. B3. Tiến hành các bước như phần cài đặt Firmware chính hãng. B4

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  1. Update PS3 HEN 4.86 MOD - System Firmware PS3 sudah update lagi ke versi OFW 4.86, hal ini membuktikan bahwa Sony masih tetap memberikan support nya terhadap konsol PS3 ini. Update firmware yang dilakukan pada konsol yang bisa dikatakan sudah memasuki masa tua -nya ini adalah berguna untuk menaikkan performa dan kinerja dari sistem, serta.
  2. Aggiornamento per PS3 Firmware 4.87 (03/12/2020) Update del 03/12/2020. Aggiornamento software di sistema versione 4.87. Questo aggiornamento del software di sistema migliora la qualità delle prestazioni del sistema. Infinity su PS3 e PS4. Ultima modifica di MASSIMOMARCELLO; 23-12-18 alle 21:04
  3. PS3 HFW Hybrid Firmware 4.86.1 . TECH Gsm dz 8:57 م 0 PS3 4.86.1 PS3 HFW Hybrid Firmware. HFW is helpful for installing PS3HEN on 4.84/4.85/4.86 FW. Download: HFW 4.86.1 (March 2020 - Update) HFW is useful for PS3HEN Installations (nonCFW models) Ps3Hen will need an update, stay tuned.
  4. Download PS3 Jailbreak 4.82 CFW with latest custom firmware and unlock full potential with step by step. Our PS3 Jailbreak 4.82 OFW To CFW is compatible including PS3 Slim and PS3 Super Slim consoles using a USB Flash Drive without downgrade and enable to play online and game mod. How to Jailbreak PS3 Update 4.81 Free Download
  5. A modified OFW by @Joonie that simply brings back the old webkit exploits (from 4.82 OFW) back to 4.86. What is HFW (Hybrid Firmware)? HFW is a slightly modified Official Firmware (OFW), that can still install on any unmodified PS3 Model. HFW is like a poor mans Downgrading option, while your not..

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  1. How to bypass update 4.86 on ps3 fat? Has firmware: Cobra 8.01, and mmCM Version 4.85.01. Close. 47. Posted by 11 months ago. Archived. How to bypass update 4.86 on ps3 fat? Has firmware: Cobra 8.01, and mmCM Version 4.85.01 Where is the official download for it? 7. 8 comments. share. save. hide. report. Continue browsing in r/ps3hacks. r.
  2. Original Firmware. Istruzioni. Gli Original Firmware sono compattati in archivi zip. Scaricate il File nella Root della vostra USB. Una volta finito il Download, recatevi nel File Manager di MultiMAN (mmOS). Adesso basterà fare un doppio Click sul File appena scaricato, cioè (PS3~dev_usb000.zip
  3. REBUG REX/D-REX EDITION is the newest update for the most popular and reliable custom firmware for PlayStation 3, based on the recent firmware 4.84 DEX & CEX. DOWNLOAD: 4.86.1 REBUG LITE COBRA 8.2 & 4.84.2 REBUG REX/D-REX COBRA 8.1. What's new in 4.84.2 since 4.84.1 REX/D-REX? * Installation issue fi
  4. RPCS3 is a multi-platform open-source Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger written in C++ for Windows, Linux and BSD. We are currently experiencing a higher server volume than usual. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences
  5. De hecho, este último nos explica cómo evitar la actualización 4.86 de PlayStation 3 para poder conectarse a PlayStation Network desde el firmware 4.85, sin tener que instalar el HFW 4.86.1. Para instalar multiMAN en la PS3, nos bajamos el zip de los enlaces de arriba, extraemos su contenido y copiamos en un pendrive USB el archivo PKG que.
  6. PS3 has been updated to firmware 4.87 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This surprise firmware update is related to stability improvements. As is the case with most of the updates that are released after the end of the console life cycle, this one is for improving system performance

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  1. Versión del Sistema 4.86. Para todos aquellos que quieran actualizar su PS3 y no lo puedan hacer mediante Internet desde su PS3, os traemos este recopilatorio de los Firmwares Oficiales de PS3 más notables en la historia de la consola, para que los instaléis de la manera más sencilla, desde un pendrive formateado en FAT32.Esto sólo vale para actualizar la PS3, nunca para bajarla de versión
  2. Hybrid Firmware 4.88 by zecoxao unter Anleitung von joonieDer gute zecoxao hat mit Hilfe von @Joonie direkt auf das Update von Sony reagiert und die 4.88 Hybrid Firmware released!Der begriff Hybrid Firmware ist für diese Art von Firmwares ne
  3. PS3 FAT altes Modell Serial: 03-27430672-3134613-CECHG04 Aktuelle Firmware 4.86 Jailbreak PS3 HEN3.0.1. Was möchte ich mit meiner PS3 nach dem Jailbreak machen: - PS2 Games spielen - PS1 Games spielen - RetroArch nutzen Kurzum ich möchte meine PS3 dazu nutzen alle anderen Konsolen die davor rauskamen zu spielen. Was ich bisher gemacht habe
  4. deu01.ps3.update.playstation.ne
  5. Ps3 con Firmware 4.86.1 con Exploit y Multiman 2 Joystick Originales Ps3 Mas de 450 Juegos garantizados!!! NOTA No apagues el sistema ni extraigas el soporte de almacenamiento durante la instalació n.Si la instalación se cancela antes de finalizar, es posible que el software del sistema se dañe y el sistema necesite asistencia técnica
  6. If you notice your custom firmware, that means that you've done every right and that you've managed to jailbreak your PS3 like fat, slim, and super slim consoles. Another great thing about using this PS3 super slim jailbreak 4.88 rebug is that you can play all the .iso and multiplayer games online
  7. Playstation 3 / 4. [PS3] HFW 4.86.1 de Joonie disponible. Joonie de la Team Rebug vient de dévoiler via PSX-Place.com une nouvelle version de son Hybrid Firmware. Il déclare en effet qu'il n'y a pas de changement dans le kernel et publie déjà le HFW 4.86.1. Du point de vue du piratage, le firmware 4.86 ne semble pas affecter grand chose.
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Untuk PS3 Superslim seri 4xxx dan Slim seri 3xxx exploit yang digunakan agar dapat memainkan game backup adalah menggunakan HEN. Berikut cara memasang HEN yang mudah dan cepat. Yang dibutuhkan hanyalah koneksi internet yang stabil dan flashdisk. Download HFW 4.86. Copy file PS3UPDAT.PUP Ke Flashdisk atau HDD Eksternal di folder PS3 > UPDATEColok ke PS3.Instal Download PS3 Jailbreak 4.88 CFW free. Installation is autopilot with a USB without any OFW downgrade including PS3 Slim and Super Slim consoles.. Releaseps3jailbreak.com : visit the most interesting ReleasePS3 Jailbreak pages, well-liked by users from Russian Federation, or check the rest of releaseps3jailbreak.com data below La PS3 non è ancora morta, di fatti abbiamo un nuovo Firmware come sapete, il 4.86. E penso che non è neanche l'ultimo.. Come sempre, facciamo il nostro lavoro per la community, rilasciando il Custom Firmware di casa Cybermodding, il buon vecchio FERROX. Eccoci a presentarvi il nuovo CFW FERROX 4.86, con integrate le funzioni COBRA 8.20 Well, here's a weird one: Sony has mysteriously spring the PS3 update 4.87 firmware patch! Yes, the console, which was released way back in 2006, just got a firmware update today! Curious? Read on. PS3 Update 4.87 Patch Notes: Those who want to download the update via USB, you can do so here Instalando HFW 4.86.1 (FW híbrido) en una consola PS3 que tiene instalado firmware oficial 4.86: NOTA: Puede que te funcione instalar HFW 4.86.1 sobre OFW sin entrar en Modo Recovery pero si no ten funciona, intenta instalarlo siguiendo estos pasos. Con la PS3 apagada, presiona el botón de POWER/Encendido por un tiempo, hasta que aparezca. Ma tant'è che S*ny stupisce ancora rilasciando un nuovo Firmware per la console più longeva di tutte. Si tratta della versione 4.86, che non porta novità a livello di sistema, perciò aggiornare le App sarà semplice. Come sempre qui riuniamo tutte le Homebrew, Cfw e altro compatibili con il 486. BACKUP MANAGER