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Thermo Electric Instrumentation has been manufacturing and supplying gas turbine temperature sensors for nearly half a century. Our products are installed in numerous applications worldwide, direct to ends users and OEM's Advantages of thermoelectric Instrument It directly indicates the RMS value of voltage and current on the waveform. Such type of instrument is free from the stray magnetic field. The thermic electric element is used for a wide range of current measurement. The instrument has a high sensitivity. It.

Thermo Electric Instrumentation B.V. PO Box 85, 2740 AB Waddinxveen The Netherlands Tel: +31 85 760 7300 Fax: +31 85 760 7301 Email: info@te-instrumentation.co Our Temperature Solutions Thermo Electric offers an array of Temperature Sensors that are specialized, customized and required in any temperature measurement & control process. Our offering is organized by the following 7 families Thermoelectric measurement equipments 1. ZEM-3 This instrument is designed for simultaneous measurement of Seebeck coefficient and electric conductivity for the evaluation of thermoelectric characteristics of a wide range of materials, including semiconductor, metal and ceramics. Feature The main types of thermoelectric elements used in thermocouple instruments are as under: Contact Type Thermo Electric Element The contact type thermoelectric element has a separate heater wire and the thermocouple has one junction (hot junction) in contact with the heater wire

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The Linseis TEG Tester is a measurement system for temperature dependent conversion efficiency evaluations for thermoelectric generators (TEGs). Due to the temperature setting point, a gradient is applied across the thermoelectric device and the heat flow through the reference block into and out of the TEG is measured Thin film thermoelectric materials (TF TEMs) based on organic semiconductors or organic/inorganic composites exhibit unique properties such as low-temperature processability, mechanical flexibility, great freedom of material design, etc. Thus they have attracted a growing research interest Thermoelectric Devices are fascinating! LET'S MAKE SOMETHING!Learn Math and Science easily at 20% off at http://brilliant.org/ElectroBOOMAND don't forget to. Ideal Formulas for Thermoelectric generators A thermoelectric generator is a power generator, where thermal energy converts to electrical energy without moving parts. A simple electrical circuit for a thermoelectric generator is shown in Figure 3.6. The thermoelectric couple is composed of two elements: a p-type and an n-type semiconductor A thermoelectric device comprises a pair of substrates each having a surface, P-type and N-type thermoelectric material chips interposed between the pair of substrates, electrodes disposed on the surface of each substrate and connecting adjacent P-type and N-type thermoelectric material chips to each other, and support elements disposed over the surface of each of the substrates for supporting.

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  1. A thermoelectric diagnostic instrument including a housing, a thermocouple device in the housing and thermoconductor means for delivering heat and cold from the thermocouple device to contact elements located externally of the housing. Heat dissipating means including a heat sink for receiving excess heat from the thermocouple device and means for directing ambient air into engagement with the.
  2. Thermoelectric. Climate Control up to. 6000 BTU/HR. made in USA. Thermoelectric Cooling in Rugged Environments. • NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment with. Mil-Std fans. • Designed for shipboard. and military use
  3. Industry is currently maturing lower-temperature (up to 900 K) SKD materials technology for potential infusion into an Enhanced Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (eMMRTG). The eMMRTG would offer a 25% boost in power at BOL that would grow to least 50% at end-of-design life (17 years after BOL), thanks to its estimated lower degradation rate
  4. The ZEM-3 unit is the worldwide de facto standard for thermoelectric material measurements at temperatures from -130°C to 1,000°C. Easy to use straightforward operation with great accuracy & repeatability is why the ZEM-3 becomes the favorite instrument in many labs across the globe
  5. A thermoelectric generator converts the temperature gradient between its hot and cold side into electrical energy. Thermoelectric generators combine a number of p-n junctions, thermally in parallel and electrically in series, as depicted in Figure 2. The Seebeck coefficient of a thermoelectric generator is a measure of the open-circuit voltage.

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Peltier Plate Cooler Cold Thermoelectric Cooling Plate For Analytical Instrument Air to plate conditioners are designed for electronic cabinets, refrigeration and environmental chambers. They can cool to 72ºF below ambient or maintain ambient temperatures while removing up to 40 W TEC-1610 Thermoelectric Gas Cooler. TEC-1610 Thermoelectric Gas Cooler. The Apex Instruments TEC-1610 Thermoelectric Gas Cooler removes moisture from a gas sample and is designed to be used as a stand-alone unit or coupled with our ACC-1610 Air-Cooled Condenser. The TEC-1610 is a stand-alone and wall/rack-mountable gas cooler

Thermoelectric Testers. Rapid Heating & Cooling IR Furnaces. Arc Plasma Deposition. Sheet Steel Annealing Simulators. Film Measurement. Gauges. Residual Gas Analyzers. Valves. Laboratory Equipment Thermoelectric Controllers of DX5100 family represent a range of precision-programmed devices (standard and OEM versions) for management of thermoelectric coolers (TECs, Peltier modules). DX5100 Controllers have a bi-directional (heating and cooling) PID regulation with AUTO-TUNE function Our low-cost Thermoelectric Modules (peltier elements) are precision-crafted from Bismuth Telluride alloys for diverse cooling appliances. The compact design of INB Thermoelectric modules enables them to function as noiseless instruments that implement proven technological advancements, and are comprised of static components Testing small thermoelectric samples is easy with the Hot Disk technique. In this example two sets of hot-pressed Bi₂Te₃, p- and n-type, with diameter 12 mm and thickness 3.5 mm where analysed. Sample. Two sets of hot pressed Bi₂Te₃, p- and n-type. Diameter 12 mm, thickness ca 3.5 mm A TE module is a device composed of thermoelectric couples (N and P-type semiconductor pellets) that are connected electrically in series, in parallel thermally and, fixed by soldering, sandwiched between two ceramic plates. The latter form the hot and cold thermoelectric cooler (TEC) sides

Expert in temperature and pressure measurement instruments since 1942, Rüeger is a swiss firm with a worldwide network. Offering a full range of sensors, thermometers, thermoelectric sensors, pressure gauges measuring high, low and differential pressure, Rüeger's portfolio meets with the highest industrial standards in terms of quality, precision and safety SANDA thermoelectric dehumidifying device is the ideal solution for cabinets in which condensation occurs due to changing climate and operating conditions. Thermoelectric Dehumidifier removes moisture from the air within an enclosure, providing an inexpensive yet highly effective way to protect electronic and electrical components from. Daily Thermetrics specializes in high-performance temperature instrumentation for the process industries. Products Sensors, Thermowells, VTM & STM. Services Engineering, Diagnostics and more. Recent News. Daily Thermetrics now offering 24/7 Remote Support. Posted on May 18, 2020 Instruments include a power cord and user access inside the case is not necessary. Typical terminology: Thermoelectric: This is a device characterized by two ceramic plates that bound metal junctions made of two dissimilar metals. If current flows through the junction of dissimilar metals, heat is generated at one side while it is absorbed at. Thermal Conductivity & Diffusivity Meters. We provide the most extensive and comprehensive range of instruments for the precise and accurate measurement of heat transfer properties of a wide range of material types and temperatures. Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity define a material's ability to store and.

Figure 2. Placement of TEC1-12706 and TEC1-12710 in Thermoelectric Cooling Blocks The TECs that are placed in copper blocks are connected electrically as shown in Figure 3. Different temperatures are applied to the thermoelectric modules' surfaces by running hot or cold water through water tunnels as shown in Figure 4 [13] THERMOELECTRIC THERAPEUTIC INSTRUMENT Filed Nov. 13, 1962 DE SUCL- @fidi 5 /N vf/vrofa Mza/m 7275/5/ United States Patent C) 3,207,159 THERMOELECTRIC THERAPEUTIC INSTRUMENT Kazuma Tateisi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan, assignor to Tateisi Denki Kabushikikaisha, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan, a corporation of Japan Filed Nov. 13, 1962, Ser. No. 237,035 Claims. Featured NETZSCH Instruments HFM 446 Lambda Eco-Line The new HFM 446 Lambda Eco-Line features a standardized method for the measurement of thermal conductivity which is equally applicable in research and development and in quality assurance

Downhole thermoelectric power generation system with a cold fluid is proposed. • Mathematical model for downhole thermoelectric power generation in oil wells is established. • Produced power could meet operation requirements of downhole tools and instruments. • Downhole power generation is adjustable by changing cold fluid flow rate. In the case of photovoltaic technology, the hybridization of the photovoltaic panels (PV) with thermoelectric generators (TEGs) has become a more interesting solution for the research community in the last decade. Thus, a comprehensive review of the characterization methods and instruments used in PV-TEG hybrid system study represents the. Teltherm is your 'one stop shop' for flow and level instruments. Teltherm supplies, services and IANZ certifies a wide range of personal and fixed gas detection equipment and calibration gas. Browse over instruments for confined space entry and gas detection. Personal gas detectors are available for single gas detection including toxic gas.

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  1. Typical applications for these standard TECs include biomedical instruments, consumer products like thermoelectric cooling water cooler, thermoelectric refrigerator, industrial equipment, electrical equipment and laboratory and scientific instruments etc, Featured as: Solid state design, No moving part
  2. The unique design of Peltier Plate systems from TA Instruments extends the continuous range to 220 °C, as seen in data in the figure above. The benefit of this wide range is that it more than doubles the actual useable temperature range during any single test
  3. Measuring temperature with thermocouple using 34972Ahttp://www.keysight.com/find/34972aThermocouples are a common temperature sensor, constructed out of two.
  4. Comprehensive Review of Methods and Instruments for Photovoltaic-Thermoelectric Generator Hybrid System Characterization . by Petru Adrian Cotfas * and . Daniel Tudor Cotfas. Department of Electronics and Computers, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Transilvania University of Brasov, 500036 Brasov, Romania
  5. Vertalingen in context van thermoelectric instruments in Engels-Nederlands van Reverso Context: The temperature in the refrigeration room must be no higher than the level of the selected inactivation must be measured using calibrated thermoelectric instruments and recorded continuously
  6. The Apex Instruments TEC-4000Hg Thermoelectric Gas Cooler is a 19-inch rack-mounted gas cooler designed to be used in conjunction with the XC-6000EM MercSampler Console. The sample gas is cooled for the purpose of condensing the water vapor and water-soluble acids prior to measurement with the metering console

Physical Design Highlights : The sampler comprises a built-in pump, timer, time totalizer, thermo-electric cooled cold box for four glass impingers, a power supply for Peltier thermo-electric module, a rotameter and four way valve manifold Liquid coolers excel at delivering cooling to concentrated heat sources such as laser diodes and for delivering cooled fluid into remote or compact locations where the cooling assembly itself cannot be located. The basic operation is simple: fluid flows in one tube, it is cooled, and then it flows out the other tube. An external pump is required, and typically small DC magnetic-drive pumps are. TestEquity TEC1 Thermoelectric Temperature Chamber, uses Peltier devices, no compressor or heater, +10C to +60

Find out all of the information about the TA Instruments product: Peltier effect thermoelectric module . Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale A legacy of exploration. Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators, or RTGs, provide electrical power for spacecraft by converting the heat generated by the decay of plutonium-238 (Pu-238) fuel into electricity using devices called thermocouples.Since they have no moving parts that can fail or wear out, RTGs have historically been viewed as a highly reliable power option The business promotes premium-quality thermoelectric modules to volume manufacturers. Telecom, biomedical, industrial, instrumentation, analytical, automotive, and consumer device manufacturers look to Ferrotec for custom thermoelectric modules that deliver superior performance with consistent manufacturability NETZSCH instruments are based on the respective instrument and application standards for LFA (e.g., ASTM E1461, DIN EN 821, BS EN 1159-2, ASTM C714, etc.). In order to be deemed suitable, thermoelectric materials should be characterized by high electrical conductivity, a large Seebeck coefficient and low thermal conductivity

Grabner Instruments offers two versions of MINIFLASH FP Vision: MINIFLASH FPH Vision, for high temperatures up to 400°C, and MINIFLASH FP Vision, for temperatures between -25°C and 120°C. The flash point testers determine flash point according to ASTM D6450 and according to the advanced ASTM D7094 standard 12 March 1982 Thermoelectric (TE) Cooled Sensors For Thermographic Instruments. John Duke. Author Affiliations + sensor considerations are reviewed in light of present and future applications and features of a typical commercial instrument using thermoelectrically cooled detectors are presented. The history, evolution and features of the. Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs) DOE supplied the RTG that provides electrical power and heat to the spacecraft and its science instruments. Cassini Mission Orbiting Saturn. In July 2004, the Cassini mission entered the orbit of Saturn. Launched in October 1997, the Cassini spacecraft uses three DOE-supplied RTGs and is the. DC12V Dual-core Thermoelectric Peltier Cooler Refrigeration Cooling System Peltier Kit with Power Refrigeration Cooling Kit for Small Space Cooling 120W. $69.29. $69. . 29. 10% coupon applied at checkout. Save 10% with coupon. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 7. FREE Shipping by Amazon Thermoelectric characterisation Of PbTe-Sb & PbSe-Sb Multilayer thin films . completed . 2 Years . 01-04-2011 to 31-03-2013 . ISRO-STC-IISc . Nil . Development of a novel class of wide band gap Thermoelectric Materials with Stannite Structure: Cu 2 MSnQ 4 (M=Zn,Cd;Q=S,Se) completed. 2 Years . 09-03-2011 to 08-03-2013 . Indo-Austria (DST-BMWF

Cheap Instrument Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Tools Directly from China Suppliers:TEC1 12706 TEC112706 Heat Sink Thermoelectric Cooler Cooling Pad Peltier Plate Module DC12V 60W Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Peltier Cold Plate Cooler Thermoelectric Plate Cooler For Laboratory Instrument THEORY PELTIER EFFECT be called after a frenchwatchmaker (1785-1845.), who discovered it in 1834

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The Perseverance rover requires electrical power to operate. Without power, the rover cannot move, use its science instruments, or communicate with Earth. Perseverance carries a radioisotope power system. This power system produces a dependable flow of electricity using the heat of plutonium's. thermoelectric modules while the other side is cooled by natural convection through aluminum fins to the environment. The temperature difference developed across the modules generates safe, electrical power. TEC's self-contained starting system for the catalytic heater makes starting as simple as flipping a switch t 60W TEC1-12706 Thermoelectric Peltier Module Good Quality Water Cooler Cooling System in online-store aliexpress.com. Large selection of Instrument Parts.

We also think the Vicks ComfortFlex a basic digital stick thermometer that can be used for oral rectal or underarm axillary temperature is one of the best thermometers since its a great Chemistry Instrument Shops at the University of Wisconsin-Madison - Chemistry Instrument Shop This instrument allows us to provide the underpinning measurement science needed to support the development, production and reliability of materials and devices related to thermoelectric energy-harvesting applications. In addition, electrical resistivity and Seebeck coefficient property data at high temperature are critical to understand. Thermoelectric Calorimeters Dual Cup Micro Calorimeter. Temperature compensated chambers for measuring the heats of reation of materials, heats of fusion, combustion, radio-nuclide decay, endo-exothermic heat releases, and biological thermogenesis. Heat releases to 0.1×10-6 Watts can be determined at temperatures from cryogenics to 600 o

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Company profile. International Thermal Instrument Company was established in 1969 to explore the application of thermoelectric sensing to calorimetry, thermal conductivity, heat flux, radiometry, geothermal and velometry. For the past 30 years, ITI Co. has supplied OEM and custom thermal instrumentation to innumerable US and Foreign National. Thermoelectric Coolers HoSung Lee 1. Introduction Thermoelectric coolers have comprehensive applications [1-5] in electronic devices, medical instruments, automotive air conditioners, and refrigerators. Since the discovery of thermoelectric effects in the early nineteenth century, a very essential equation for th

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3A TEC Driver Module is a complete power stage solution to drive Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC). The required DC voltage input controls the output current. It consists of the Texas instruments DRV593 power driver IC, along with a few discrete passive components required for operation. It also includes jumpers for configuring the features of the. The Alpha Omega Instruments brand has a fast growing primary business group. The Process Analyzer Division consists of trace and percent oxygen analyzers and transmitters, and oxygen deficiency safety monitors. These products are used in commercial, government, and educational institutions around the world. The Alpha Omega Instruments brand has. The TC 1 is the budget instrument and the entry to tensiometry For fully automatic measurements with excellent reproducibility the TD 4 can be used, especially with the thermoelectric unit PTT+ The drop volume tensiometer TVT 2 for precise measurement of surface and interfacial tension and surfactant dynamics in individual drop Excellence in. Spectroscopy and Imaging. See how others are using our high-performance cameras, spectrographs and optics-based solutions to advance their research. Discover how our products have enhanced the imaging and spectroscopy performance of others doing the same application. Calculators designed for Princeton Instruments covering.

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Available Model : PEM-TECIB-1. Model PEM- TECIB-1 is used as an Add-on to any of the Polltech make particulate sampler such as HVS, PM10 HVS, ADS 2.5 / 10 or LFAS 10 / 2.5 Thermoelectric cooling, also called The Peltier Cooling is a solid-state method of heat transfer through dissimilar This presents the detailed information of instruments, working procedure, operating parameters of thermoelectric cooler. 4.1 TEC Specificatio minimizes thermoelectric eMF effects. The instrument zero feature can compensate for any remaining thermoelectric eMF, provided it is relatively constant. To keep ambient temperatures constant, equipment should be kept away from direct sunlight, exhaust fans, and similar sources of heat flow or moving air. Wrapping connections i This instrument is known as a thermopile radiation sensor. It is used in the temperature sensors in thermostats to measure the temperature of the office, showrooms, and homes. The thermocouple is used to detect the pilot flame in the appliances that used to generate heat from gas like a water heater Laird Thermal Systems develops thermal management solutions including thermoelectric modules, assemblies and liquid cooling systems for demanding applications across global medical, industrial, transportation and telecommunications markets. Thermal Systems is the optimum choice for standard and custom thermal solutions. Thermoelectric Modules

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In 2018, Wang et al. summarized the instruments for measuring the Seebeck coefficient of thin-film thermoelectric materials [92]. For measuring thermal conductivity of 2D materials, the Raman. Thermoelectric Modules. We've been delivering reliable ElectraCOOL™ brand thermoelectric cooling modules since 1989. Great for cooling, heating, thermal stabilization or thermal cycling, our TECs are ideal for instrumentation, electro-optic, photonic, aerospace/ military and a wide variety of consumer applications. Read More Key Specification Type Class; Hc(A) Angstrom: compensation: pyrheliometer: Ht(LF) Linke-Feussner: thermoelectric: pyrheliometer: Ht(50) AT-50: thermoelectric. a thermoelectric effect where continuous current is generated in a circuit where the junctions of two dissimilar conductive materials are kept at different temperatures. Null-current Thermocouple a circuit and a voltage generator that can be adjusted to exactly balance the voltage output of a thermocouple Abstract. We report a giant Seebeck coefficient (S) thermoelectric (TE) material-MnO (2) powder-and the design of a practical MnO (2) TE generator to light up a regular light emitting diode (LED). The S of MnO (2) powder was measured to be higher than 20,000 μV K (-1), which is about 100 times higher than the state-of-the-art of Bi (2)Te (3.

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Thermoelectric voltages (or thermoelectric EMFs) are the most common sources of errors in low-voltage measurements. because there are unavoidable voltage offsets present in the input of the instrument. A short circuit can be connected across the input terminals and the output can then be set to zero, either by front panel zero controls or. Thermoelectric coolers for industrial applications. Thermoelectric coolers for industrial use face higher requirements in efficiency, reliability, production accuracy and field performance data. They designed to be used in the industrial systems of cooling and temperature control. Special TECs (with С index) are produced for operation under. Instruments and Experimental Techniques Issue Date: 2002 Abstract(summary): A flexible temperature-controlling system matched with the liquid thermostatting circuit is based on a single-chip microcomputer. Thermoelectric modules based on the Peltier effect are used for sample cooling and heating

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We have conducted a comprehensive investigation of the optical and vibrational properties of the binary semiconductor SnSe as a function of temperature and pressure by means of experimental and ab initio probes. Our high-temperature investigations at ambient pressure have successfully reproduced the progress 2019 PCCP HOT Article Thermoelectric Refrigeration: An Introduction Thermoelectric cooling uses the Peltier effect to create a heat flux between the junctions of two different types of materials. This effect is commonly used in camping and portable coolers and for cooling electronic components and small instruments Thermoelectric Cooler. About Us. English; Each instrument incorporates a different mechanism that produces delicate and resonant sounds when triggered. In the piano, for example, pressure on keys transforms into vibrations of strings which emit sound from the entire instrument..

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MKS Temperature Controller, Thermoelectric, ±10A, ±12V, 120W, GPIB & RS232. Manufacturer: MKS Instruments The LDT-5980 120W High Power Thermoelectric Temperature Controller provides industry leading accuracy and precision for temperature control of laser diodes and other optoelectronic components Thermoelectric generators are being used for space instruments in the Mars Rover, Curiosity, and Voyager 2. They are harnessing long-lasting heat with Voyager operating for over 40 years using this type of power. Body sensors can be worn continuously if they can channel body heat to be energy independent A catalytic combustion based thermoelectric power generator is reported by Xiao et al. [9], the thermal output of the burner was around 500 W and generated $8 W of electrical power using eight. Thermoelectric (TE) Cooled Sensors For Thermographic Instruments Thermoelectric (TE) Cooled Sensors For Thermographic Instruments Duke, John 1982-03-12 00:00:00 This paper presents a compilation of information on the history and features of thermo-electric coolers, infrared detectors and their combination into detector/cooler packages

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The current RPS, called a Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG), was designed with the flexibility to operate on planetary bodies with atmospheres, such as at Mars, as well as in the vacuum of space. An MMRTG generates about 110 watts of electrical power at launch, an increment of power that can be matched with a variety. Polltech Instruments Pvt. Ltd. - Offering Polltech Instruments Square Thermoelectric Cooled Gaseous Sampler in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Get best price and read about company. Get contact details and address | ID: 469883486 Koolatron WC24 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler 24 Bottle Capacity with Digital Temperature Controls - Vibration-free and Quiet Cooling Power, 5 Removable Shelves, Black (24 Bottle) 4.1 out of 5 stars 36 $284.61 $ 284 . 6 Thermocouples consist of two thermoelectric wires made of different materials that are welded to each other at one end. If the contact position and the other ends of the thermoelectric wires have different temperatures, a thermoelectric voltage appears at the contact position of both thermoelectric wires. Gantner Instruments Inc. 1550 Hotel. Cheap Instrument Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Tools Directly from China Suppliers:TEC1 12715 TEC1 TEC 12715 Heatsink Thermoelectric Cooler Cool Cooling Peltier Plate Module 40*40mm 40x40mm 40x40 Heat Sink 12V Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return

Designing a Cool/Heat Therapy Strap Using LabVIEW and NI USB DAQ - Solutions - National InstrumentsProbes to the Outer Planets | Historic SpacecraftUniversal Matrix Keypad 16 Key (4×4) – Free ElectronicsMale to Female Jumper Wire 1 Pin (30cm) – Free ElectronicsBMP180 Sensor Module (GY-68) – Free Electronics